new dv888 review!

ok i got a new dv888 in the mail yesterday. this is my first metal yoyo and i was very excited! when i opened the package the first thing i noticed was its size! it is one small yoyo! it looked even smaller because ive been throwing a yyf protostar which is pretty big.anyways… i liked it small because i have super small hands, so it fitted perfectly into my hand. ok, so the play, its so smooth and fresh. the dv888 does not dissappoint! the shape was so perfect i think im going to buy another. the spin time is great! i got an easy 1 min with a weak throw. i also got green string to go with my purple dv888 and all i can say is IT LOOKS LIKE A BEAST! so overall this yoyo is my favorite and i cannot put it down. <— until my next yoyo. LOL! nah id stick with the dv888! so i highly recomend this yoyo! hope you all buy one!

lol this was my first review so please tell me how i did! and i know its very short but i couldnt think of anything else, it was just so perfect!

Nice review!
Just that some people might be wondering how it grinds, or what response system it comes with, so be sure to include these things in your next review!

And again, great review!