Basic description on why I got it: ok, so ive been yo-yoing for 3 months now and im really good. So im learning harder ticks left and right but I felt I needed a better yoyo. I was throwing a yoyofactory protostar which had some spin time on it but I wanted more, so I got a dv888! It was going to be my first metal yoyo! I was very excited!

Stats: diameter- 50.04mm/1.97inches, width- 40.58mm/1.6inches, gap width- 4.67mm/.18inches, response- k-pad, weight- 66 grams, bearing size- size C

First impressions: I got my dv888 in the mail and im just starring at the box. Its so pretty on the floor! Ok, I open up the box and take out some papers, YYE cards, 100 green yoyo string, and at last my purple dv888 covered in bubble wrap. I immediately took the yoyo out of the very nice yoyofactory package. The first thing I noticed was the size of the yoyo. It was so cute and tiny. It fitted perfectly into my hand because I have such small hands. IT WAS PERFECT! It was a nice shade of purple which was good because online on YYE it looked like I light violet ( „² bad). PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!

Comfort/shape: the shape was amazing! It was like comforting my hand and it was so light and mellow ( like a marshmallow). The shape is so neat I think im going to buy another dv888!

First throw: ok, my first throw. I was speechless. I didn¡¦t know what to say. All I know is that it was super smooth and had smooth/fantastic grinds. For a small yoyo it definitely delivered (perfect).

Overall/final thoughts: so my final thoughts were: ¡§ OMG THIS IS SUCH A BEAST¡¨ HOLY MACARONI!!!¡¨

Please comment and tell me how I did.this was my first review!

nice reveiw u only missed a few detils like how it binds and how it feels on the string(in a sleeper) and a few pics and other than that it was an awesome reveiw :wink:

Yeah pretty good review, but you could have put in a few more things like what response system and bearing it comes with, or you could have named a few of the things that came in the box, you could have put up a few pictures, etc. But overall - Great review!

Please just edit your original DV888 review.

Next time don’t just make a new thread please, it just adds unnesscary clutter.

I just got the feeling that you were fanboying over the yoyo, not actually reviewing it… Try to be a little more technical next time?

sorry you guys! im new to the forums. :-\ . thanks for the tips though.