Gizzyos dv888 review

This i s my first review so constructive critiscm would be GREAT!

First of all this is all about opinion. And in my opinion This yoyo is amazing!!!

My Hard coat dv888 Made by YoYoFactory


This came in a nice dark green annodization, and felt extermely smooth, but some what smaller than my hitman, but way larger gap. With a nice flat rimmed shaped ( AND a nice little logo) i knew it was time to throw it.

First throw

The DV888 was really smooth with a wee little, tincy-wincy wobble, or none. It spun for a good amount of time, which i like to see in a yoyo. And came out of the box unresponsive ( unlike other yoyos i own). And best of all could do any tricks i know. I was very pleased.

A Few Weeks Later…

The Dv888 stills has no wobble ,or little to none, and i have had no problems with it. Best of all, with this yoyo i am finishing off the expert section and going into MASTER :o! This yoyo was definitly worth my moneys worth, and probably yours too, thats if you buy it.


This is hands down the best yoyo i own. For 65$, YYF did a great job with there new line of fundaMETALs and the Dv888.


Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 66.50
Width (mm) 40.64
Diameter (mm) 50.10
Gap Width (mm) 5.03
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized

Cool. Very good first review. I would recommend putting pics and specs in your reviews. Other than that, very nice. ;D

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Thanks and ill edit for specs, but i don’t know about pictures

Real Nice review man! :slight_smile:

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Thanks again!

Nice review dude! :smiley:

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Awesome! Great Review, can’t wait to see more from you.

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Thanks SR i really liked your style of review so i tried to base it of yours ;D

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Nice review! Yeah I noticed that it was kinda like SR’s reviews too.

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Andy Nyguen?

Awesome review! You got the green, nice man, nice.

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Not the green green one but the hardcoat, which is dark green, sorry about that. And thank you.

Very nice review Gizzyo ;D

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My friend found a website that sells it for 35 dollars


Epic fail success, especially for your first review! ;D Nice job, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

                                                                      James Reed!

EDIT: Oh no, this is my 666th post! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got some newer ones like this…

Gizzyo out.

I like the review, but i do think next time cover some more topics besides just the general ones like play and design for example maybe you could add how the yoyo feels, size, bearing, response system, or add some stuff like is it good for grinding, whipping, ect. This way people will know if it is the right yoyo for them. But i did like the review, and being your first that makes it even better. I dont know if you looked at it or not but yoyoexpert in the forums tells you how to make a good yoyo review and that really helpped me.