YoYoFactory DV888 Review (My First YoYo Review)

I just got the yoyofactory dv888 yesterday (my first all metal yoyo), and it is too good for words, but here are a few. AMAZING,AWESOME, TOO GOOD FOR WORDS, EST. when you first see it you may comment on how small it is, but it feels great, and plays like a charm. i cant put it down, and it plays on the string like there is nothing there, and right out of the box mine slept for about 2 min on a bad throw. that’s better than my Speeder after braking in. and who could go wrong with the price, $65 for one of the best yoyos you can get, that’s a great deal for it, if i had to i would pay $100 for it. and the colors are amazing, the yoyo is like a metalic color right out of the box. also the metal is sooooooooooo smooth it is so easy to to thumb grind, and you can’t feel it on your arm when you arm, or throwhand grind. in other words BEST YOYO EVER!!!

Diameter 1.97 inches
Width 1.6 inches
Response YoYoFactory K-Pad
Weight 66 grams

Pure Awesomeness!!!

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Not the best review but still decent. i would have to agree with you on everything you said and i have had mine for a couple weeks and still dont want to put it down

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i am looking to get my first unresponsive yoyo soon.

would this be good for me (i am an int-adv. player, and right now, i’m using a yomega dash)?

would the yyj DM2 be better (or any suggestions if you think there would be another yoyo in this price range that may be better)?

just looking for a few opinions.


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