YYF DV888 Review( first one)

Diameter: 1.97"
Width: 1.6"
Response System: K-Pad - Medium
Weight: 66 grams

i just recently got my dv888 in the mail and i was so excited
it was out of the box unresponsive and great!!!
its impressively small and has a big gap, so any trick i try i can do:)
its so different to my hitman, way smoother and way smaller, but a wider gap.
i like it so much and im now moving on to expert:):slight_smile:
ive learned so many new tricks on it and its only been like a week
i would reccomend it to anyone who is thinking about getting an advanced yoyo.

to sum it up its great and you shouldnt think, just go for it and you wont be dissapointed.
it took me like 6mins to get used to :stuck_out_tongue:
it just feels so nice and comfortable and it spins for ages
the colour was coooler than i thought, the violet is like metallic purple and the spec bearing hasnt been broken in and i will make it reach its full potential. it spins really fast and the thumb grind lip takes skill but ive almost mastered it
and it feels like air when its doing a normal grind
great yoyo and like i heard on pandas review
nothings perfect, but this yoyos darn close :stuck_out_tongue:

that was my first review so give me some pointers please

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okay for a first review, i do recommend adding more pictures. ;D

use this link to better your review:

and here’s some examples of my reviews:

YYJ Night Moves 5

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Wow, I came in the review section to write a review about my new Dv888, but you basically said everything I was gonna say!!! :o It came out of the box unresponsive, the grinding is amazing! I finally mastered Kwijibo, thumb grinding AND normal grinding the first day I got this. Movin’ on to expert tricks. Amazingly smooth, very nice color, DEEP BLUE…Vewy pwetty! ;D It spins forever!
I have not had the need to do a sleep test because it spins long enough that there is no reason to test it. It’s perfect. Except that the binds sometimes slip, but if you got a good bind, you’re good to go. SOOOOoooo, other than that…IT’S PERFECT! 8)

i repeat everythin u just sed! ha
its great ayy
soz to steal ur thunder tho lol
dv888=awesomenezzz lol

you fell in love with it, didn’t you?
i also want to buy a 888 but not a purple one :frowning:
i also think it looks great

Does anybody know whether the splash Dv888 is a large or small bearing version of the Dv888?

it should say it but most slpash DV888’s are large bearing

I love mine a slicer with red dice as the hubstack and a red string


I also was going to write a review on this throw, but as stated before, nothing more can be said. Almost completely perfect, from the paintjob to the performance. :smiley:

picked one up 2 months ago still in love with it!!! favorite throw yet! it pulls through anything i throw at it(haha play on words XD) but for what its worth i recommend buying it and it showed when my friend bought when and fell in love as well. The only thing that bugs me is a week before i bought mine the splashes came out and i was sad i love splash yo-yos :p. But all around good undersized yo-yo/

Wow no one saw the necro…

Nice job like someone said you need pics other than that good review shorter witch makes it better9/10

i saw this necro, and was thinking. i bet every throw i own Canadianyoyoplaya necroed this i was right.

saying a review is shorter which makes it better is complete ignorance.

i got one too loved it started learning tricks i could never get with the yoyo i started with which was a metal drifter