YYF Dv888 Review (now with pics!!!)


This is my review of the Dv888.

What I noticed out of the box:

Its very small
the color is very nice
the gap is big
there is a big lip for thumb grinding

Next I opened up the yoyo. I flicked the bearing an it spun for 8 seconds, not bad. I also saw that there is a hole where the axle screws into, I thought that was pretty cool, I don’t know why. The
response pads looked the same as any other YYF metal yoyo. The axle was also pretty short, I didn’t
realize that at first when I opened it up, and I almost dropped half of the yoyo. I was dying to throw this
thing so I put some string on it and closed the yoyo up.

On my first throw I noticed a little vibe, but it started to go away after 1 day. It spun for a very long
time. It felt really smooth. I love it. The shape of the yoyo took me like five minutes to get used to,
but now it feels great. For looks I would give it a 8/10. It looks nice, but it’s just one plain color, except
the laser engraving on the side. That’s probably why it’s a cheaper yoyo, though. For grinding it gets a
9/10, it’s really great at grinding. It doesn’t grind as long as some other yoyos, but it grinds for a pretty
descent time. For the way the yoyo plays, I’d give it a 10/10, it’s so smooth, it’s easy to land on the
string, it’s totally unresponsive, it’s just great. The color is very stunning, I have it in red, it doesn’t loo pink at all, I kind of though it would, but the annodization looks amazing, the way it gleams in the
sunlight, it’s just a great yoyo. It’s only $64.99, very cheap for such an amazing yoyo, I really recommend it. 8) :slight_smile:


I had the vibe in the beginning as well. I wonder where it comes from. ??? Maybe the bearing? or maybe it’s just learning to throw it a bit differently?

Great review by the way. Pics would make it even awesomer.


I don’t know why there’s vibe, and I may be able to get pics up later.

(Chase Baxter) #4

nice review brenden!!

(Halbach) #5

Same with me. Had vibe. Now, it’s dead smooth


mines not dead smooth yet, but it’s gettin there




brenden the vibe is from it not being tight enough


nice pictures.