YYF Dv888

YYF Dv888 Review:

Ok, I am Way Too Excited not to Rip the Box Open! After I opened the box, there was some Yoyoexpert Cards in there. I opened the cards first. I got 3 Johnie Dalvalle Cards. lol. And 1 Andrew Bergans. I also Ordered a Center Track Bearing with it. (The Center Track was not for the Dv888, it was for my YYF Severe). Time for the Yoyo. The box was the regular YYF Box, Which I like. I Ordered the Yoyo in Gold, because my Favorite Color is Orange, and that was the closest thing to Orange. When your looking at the Gold Dv888 in person, It looks like the Color Orange, Which I was happy about. It looks Awesome! I can’t Wait To Play with it!

First Throws:
I put the String on, and was ready to go! First throw was just a quick up and down. Second throw, was Amazing! I was Very Impressed on how Smooth it was! I have heard a lot of people say that it was Extremely Smooth, But Now I know what they mean. lol. Super Smooth! It is actually my Smoothest yoyo! (I have had a Lunatic, BOSS, Frantic, Genesis, and Severe). Out of all of those, Dv888 was the Smoothest. 10/10 for Smoothness. It also Sleeps for a Really long time! I don’t know what the sleep time is yet, because this is only my first couple of throws.

It plays Very Well! Like I said, It is Extremely Smooth! Sleep time is about 3 minutes! Im not gonna grade the Sleep Time, because Some people think 3 Minutes is a Long Time, and some think its not. But the Grinds are Super Good too! Best Grinder I have ever had! I can Thumb grind on it for about 7 Whole Seconds! Arm Grinds are about 6 Whole Seconds, and Palm/Hand Grinds are about 5 Whole Seconds! I know that Other people may get different times on there Grinds, this is just what I got. But, It is an Amazing Grinder! 9/10 for Grinds.

Shape, Size, and Specs:
Many people have said that the Dv888 is a Very Tiny Yoyo, but It is actually not that small for me, its not too small, and not too big. Its just Right! I love the Shape of it! It doesn’t have any design or anything like the YYF Severe, but That makes it look more Professional. I Personally Think that it looks Awesome! 8/10 for looks.

Sorry I did not have any pictures, I don’t really know how to do that. But, Overall, The yoyo is Best Yoyo I have used so far! The yoyo deserves 9/10 Overall! It is better than a lot of higher Priced Yoyos! If I got to make the Price Tag, it would be a $90 yoyo! $65 was kind of Underestimating this yoyo! It is Amazing! I would Definitely Recommend it to Anybody that is looking for a Super Smooth, Long Sleeping, Unresponsive yoyo! Let me know What you think on my Review!
Thanks for Reading!

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great review! I also have a dv888 and the review was really close to how i think mine plays!

good job


Good review. I think that all you said is true. I really like mine. You could do with a little less of !!! though. ;D

nice review, to add pics just upload them to photobucket, you can make a account. Once you have the pics you want uploaded to photobucket.com if you click on the pic there should be a little thing on the left side that says share this image. There is should say IMG code just copy and paste that onto your post and the pic will be up on your post

just ordered the army green hardcoat with large bearing and i hope its a beast reviews all say it is

good review, it will be my first metal yoyo I think after I am comfortable with my current plastic yoyo

I completely skipped plastic unresponsive yoyo’s for a Dv888 and i’ve handled it fine, its a great yoyo

u ara all rigth it is one of the best ever!!! :slight_smile:

I love this yoyo my friends have it and i have one :slight_smile:

same here weinbe58

You said it’s good for thumb grinds. No it isn’t there is like no lip for you to put your nail under.

I need to get this yoyo.

No, it is good for thumb grinds, all you need is the slightest tilt.