DV888 Rundown

I’ve been playing with a DV888 for almost a year now, so I think it’s probably time to write a review…

Basic Specifications:

Maker - Yoyo Factory
Material - All Aluminum
Diameter - 50.04 mm
Width - 40.58 mm
Gap Width - 4.67 mm
Response System - Slim Silicone Pad (Flowable is a possibility, but is difficult with this yoyo)
Mass - 66 grams
Bearing - C Size, ships with a standard Yoyo Factory bearing
Note - This is an unresponsive yoyo. You will need to know how to bind to use this yoyo.

Review goes: Pros, Cons, Who Should Buy


Smaller than most yoyos - The DV888 is just the right size (diameter) for a yoyo. It can fit into a pocket, and cups well in your hand for the throw.

Incredibly smooth - This is one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever played with. Even after a few dings and scratches, it plays very well.

Easy to catch - The taper on the DV888 fits well into a palm and middle finger catch (though this may just be because of my hand size).

Good gap size - The DV888 handles 3-4 strings before it really slows down.

Good sleep time - With a strong toss and good form, the DV888 should be able to get you through long tricks.

Cheap - As far as all-metal yoyos go, this is one of the cheapest ones available.


Small - Also a pro, but the small size can be awkward at first

No lip - You cannot do any inner ring grinds on this yoyo because it does not have an inner ring

Axle wear - The axle will wear out somewhat quickly, this of course depends on how often you get knots or need to change string, but with regular use, expect to change or repair the axle within 4 months

Slows down on grinds - The yoyo tends to slow down more than most yoyos on tricks like arm grinds, probably because the wide taper allows a lot of the yoyo in contact with the surface.

Heavy - This could be a pro or a con, but the yoyo tends to fall fast. This can make certain tricks like Spirit Bomb difficult, where you have to have time with the yoyo in the air. Not a major problem, however.

Who Should Buy a DV888?

The DV888 is an excellent yoyo to move into completely unresponsive play. It will get you through Andre’s tutorials better than say, a Dark Magic or other metal/plastic yoyos. Get this if you are proficient with binds and need a longer sleep and more stable yoyo to get through the more advanced tricks.

Good review, but just so you know, the weight of an object has nothing to do with how fast it falls.

Yeah, I guess I should have titled that one differently… It just isn’t floaty like some of my others are…


Thumb grind is actually pretty easy with the DV888

Does your Dv888 tilt a lot, or is just mines. How long is your Dv888’s sleep time? PLEASE respond! :slight_smile:

it will tilt because your throw is off center. or, do you mean it will spin around while spinning? if thats what you mean, its called preccesion which happens to all spinning objects.

Mine tilts a little bit more than my other throws do, but with an accurate throw, I can get a long sleep without much tilt.

The best sleep I’ve gotten off of it has been around 3 minutes.

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