YYF DV888 review.

this is my review on the YYF DV888 and first off, i thought it was going to be a big yoyo! but actually its really small, so this has a great price for it because i have a YYF Yuuksta, and i prefer the DV888 over it! but it does GREAT thumbgrinds, finger grinds, arm grinds, whatever you throw at it it’ll do it. its got a nice gap, not to big but not small at all, and im going to compare it to my YYF Skyline. The exact same height pretty much, and about the same gap width, me and my friend did a sleep test with the skyline and DV888 and the DV888 slept only 30 seconds less than the skyline, thats very good because Skyline: 130.00$ DV888: 50.00. heres the specs. Diameter:50.04 mm / 1.97 inches, Width: 40.58 mm / 1.6 inches , Gap Width: 4.67 mm / .18 inches, Response System: K-pad, Weight: 66 grams. Bearing Size: Size C.

You should provide a much more detailed review. This won’t help too much with people wanting to possibly buy one.

is the dv888 worth buying??? also how long does it sleep?

It sleeps longer than you need it to, and it is well worth the money.

This is True. :wink:
Plus, YoYos do Not have a Sleep Time. Everybody is gonna get a Completely Different Sleep Time, Every Time. :wink:

i seeeee…thanks for the help ;D

The DV888 is awesome. Much much better than the Yuuksta in my opinion. I feel that it’s much more stable than the Yuuksta.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with stating spin time as long as you compare your spin time for yoyo A with your spin time for yoyo B to make it meaningful. For example, “With the MVP I was able to get a spin of 4 minutes 30 seconds, on the Northstar, only 1 minute 30 seconds.”

my dv888 was good but the bearing just went out. After 1 week,

did u take care of the bearing tho?

the bearing may only need to be cleaned

My dv888 is one of my top yos, better than the skyline which seems to be a bit lighter.
I think it came with white response pads, I switched to flowable sil. Returns when I want it to every time.
The skyline is super smooth but seems to float, 64 gms vs 65 for the dv888.

your 100% right thats all I tell my friends when they ask about the DV888 sleep time
PS: All my friends are jealous and annoyed they got some other yoyo and not the DV888

I just got my DV888 in the mail yesterday ;D, my other metal yoyo is a 888. The dv888 is really stable and if it starts to tilt to one side it can stay spinning in that position longer then the 888. They both seem to spin about the amount of time, and they are relatively the same size. the DV888 has a huge gap, but also bind returns well. Grinding is as smooth as glass, I can barley feel it on my finger/thumb/arm when grinding! I’d say both equally good yoyos, but in different ways, and since DV888 is half the price…