Dv888 review: by Johnny

Awhile back I bought a Dv888 and this is my review.

When I first looked at the thing I was thinking, “WOW IT’S SO SMALL?!?!?” (it was my first full metal)
It was a stunning Aqua blue. It came in the usual YYF box, I love their box’s ::).
Well, the visual aspects of it are 1O/10, but does it play as pretty as it looks? You’ll soon find out!


OMG THIS THING IS INCREDIBLE, it was the smoothest thing I have ever used!
I’m not going to lie to you, it doesn’t have the light floaty feeling that some of you are looking for, but it doesn’t really play all that heavy either. It’s very hard to explain, but it’s closer to the light and floaty than the playing heavy feeling. Well the first throw was incredible, but now to put it to the test!


I did my best, but I couldn’t find one trick it couldn’t handle, it was fast, SMOOTH, stable, just an all around player. It zipped throw all the grinds I could think of!!! Arm and palm grinds where a breeze, thumb grinds were better. It plays like you would think it would, AMAZING.
It has no problems changing direction during fast string trick play, and has almost no vibe what so ever.

I think you couldn’t go wrong with this yoyo, it’s truly a amazing player. If your looking for smooth, unresponsive play at a cheep price, get Dv888.


Shape: Flat rimmed
Weight: 67.40 (Grams)
Width: 40.58 (MM)
Diameter: 50.15 (MM)
Gap width: 4.67 (MM)
Bearing size/type: Size C- normal bearing (Flat)
Response system: CBC Pad
Responsiveness: Dead unresponsive

This has been, a Johnny Rocks!!! review.

you said it thumb grins better than in arm grinds. it has an ok grinding finish so it grinds well, but it has no IRG. good review though.

It has an IRG lip :stuck_out_tongue:

you cant really rate how good it looks, thats up to the people. good reveiw though