YYF DV888-Review

Intro: The DV888 is the first yoyo to be release in YYF´s Fundametal yoyo line. It is based off the BuzzOn DV8. This yoyo is a great player at a low price. I bought this yoyo because it was on the special summer price, this isnt my first metal but it is my first anodized yoyo.

YYF DV888 Stats:
Diameter: 50.04 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 40.58 mm / 1.6 inches
Gap Width: 4.67 mm / .18 inches
Response System: K-Pad - ‘888 Size’ (Slim Pad)
(Older Version Pre Dec 2009 Used
Grind Machine Size Pad)
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: Size C


The yoyo has a red anodizing and in the rims it had engraved ¨DV888 YOYOFACTORY¨. I took it out of the box, I found out that it was smaller than I expected. I nothing much to say but that the red anodizing looks great on the yoyo.

Shapes and feel:

This yoyo is undersized, the shape is round butterfly with flat rims. This makes the yoyo extremely comfortable to hold in the hand. The flat rims give the index and ring finger enough space to comfortably lay on the yoyo. This yoyo has a kind of blast but I don´t know what kind of blast, this gives it a very smooth feel when you touch it. The undersized shape make it excellent to catch because the yoyo is small the fits perfectly on the hand.


When spinning I notice it has no visible vibe, but there is a little vibe since I can feel it in the string. Don´t let this fool you this doesn´t affect play at all. The there is alot off balance in this yoyo in the sense that its big and wide enough to do whip, lacerations and things that involve catching the yoyo like eli hop with out trouble; but its not so big the it bothers you when doing techy tricks. This yoyo isn´t as stable as a Protostar or a G5 but it can be solved by throwing better and improving your way of playing, so this yoyo teaches you how to throw better. The stability is no problem since it helps you learn. This yoyo´s spin times are long, spins the same as a G5 or a Protostar. Spins long enough to do what ever you want to do. This yoyo´s flat rims also make snap starts way easier than with another shape.

Yoyo´s playing feel: This yoyo doesn´t feel floaty nor heavy its in between, it can play fast or slow, it doesn´t feel hollow or like a rock its more like solid feel.

Response and bearing: This yoyo uses CBC pads, this give tight bind. The bearing it came with is a YYF Spec bearing, it was dry, this made the yoyo unresponsive out of the box.


This you is blasted so it give nice grinds. It doesnt have an IRG but it has a lot of room for tumb grinds.


I was very pleased with the performance of this yoyo, even though it has minor inperfections it is a great throw.This yoyo is excellent if, get it if you like undersized and flat rims and you dont care for extreme stability or minimal vibe. If you are looking for a first metal this yoyo would be a great choice.

Don´t be shy, if you have any questions just ask.

A video with the DV888

Dont forget the bearing size which is C and the long spin times :wink:

Meh, if your not a good thrower, its not going to spin as long. :-
I agree that it is a good yoyo, but I see it as a little over-hyped.

Another kind of down side it has is that sometimes when the strings hits the flat rims it doesnt enter the gap.

Nice review, it’s my first metal as well. I just got the DV888 and I’d agree with everything that was said. I’d also agree that it can be a bit “unstable”. It’s not especially forgiving on bad throws or when you’re off when hitting your strings. It’s either going to vibe or it will start tilting on you. This yoyo has revealed to me how much I need to work on my throw and technique. (not to mention my binds) All that being said, I love the DV888. I love the feel, the weight, the size and how smooth it performs when you’re throwing right and hitting the strings right. I love playing with it but my skill level hasn’t quite reached the level to get it to perform like I know it can. It’s challenging me to play better.

I’m just curious, are there any other more “stable” or forgiving metal yoyos out there that are affordable? (In the $50.00 or less range?)