SR's dv888 Review

SR’s dv888 Review

The dv888 from YoYoFactory is the first yo-yo in the fundaMETAL line. The dv888 is a great choice for your first metal, or another addition for your growing collection.

First Impressions-
The dv888 from YoYoFactory comes in the standard YoYoFactory box. The dv888 is firmly nestled in the box, viewable on the outside. When you first look at the yo-yo, it looks amazing, and beautiful. It looks simple, but perfect in the same way. Does it play as good as it looks?

Product Play-
Wow, this yo-yo is perfect all around. The feel is great, and fits in your hand really well. It’s undersized and light, too. It plays so amazing, perfect for any trick you throw at it. It grinds well, (really well) also good for whips, slacks, and lacerations too. It is so smooth, and spins forever. Everything is perfect!

Product Specifications (YoYoNation)-

Weight- 66.50 g
Width- 40.64 mm
Diameter- 50.10 mm
Gap Width- 5.03 mm
Bearing Size- .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type- Fixed
Stock Response- YYF K-Pad

I really love this yo-yo, as it is one of my favorites. Everything about this yo-yo is amazing! I would definitely recommend this yo-yo to a friend and rate it 10/10.

Nice review! I might get one when I get the chance.

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Cool Review ;D

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anyone know how the dv888 compares to the regular 888? Is the almost extra $60 worth it?

Its preference. Both are great yoyos.

Great review! That was very helpful as PandaJoe.

Happy Throwing! =]

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Thanks guys! More reviews soon!

Nice review!

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i can sum this thing up in 3 words. best yoyo ever

Amen. :smiley:

Good review! :smiley:

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Bump, more reviews coming soon.

do you like the BOSS or the DV888 better?

I like the BOSS better, I don’t own one but I have tried one. I own a dv888 though. I hope to pick up a BOSS at Nationals.

when and where are nats

Chico, CA on October 2 and 3.


What was the point in bumping this? At least contribute if you are going to necro.

dv888 or c3 di base

Double necro?!

But to answer your question, I would personally go with the Di Base.