how is the dv888

I have 2 friend who has the dv888 it’s awesome for the price. It’s good for grinding. Fits nice in your pocket because its undersized. What I like most with it= IT’S REALLY SMOOTH but don’t forget, that’s what’s I think. And its You that decide everything so I just help. Hope I could help

I prefer the Di Base.

Also, this should be in the “looking for recommendations” section.

Personal opinion, I don’t like it very much at all.

I feels very heavy on the string and has a very strange weight distribution that makes it feel unbalanced.

It just feels awkward in the hand and to throw.

Its my personal opinion though, others may differ greatly.


It’ OK, I guess. I mean, it’s good for the price, but it is one of those “it plays at the price it sells for” kind of yoyos.

It’s small, so very portable. It’s really heavy the way the weight is distributed, and so it feels heavy in the hand and has a bit more weight on the string as well.

Stable? Yes. Balanced? Yes. Long spinning? Sure, with a good throw.

Favorite? No. Top 10? No. Top 20? No. I’m not saying I dislike it, but it’s just an average yoyo to me. It’s more utilitarian. It get the job done.

However some people really love this yoyo. I’m keeping mine, but it’s not one I reach for.

Ive gone from beginner to expert on that yoyo. Very good for its price.

And I prefer the Capless.

I’ve heard less controversy about the Duncan $45 metals. Almost everyone likes them. The DV888, I hear good and bad.

It’s a pretty good beginners unresponsive yoyo, but there are better options that are in the price range or maybe $20 more. It is a decent yoyo though.

For $10 more you can get a DiBase and it totally blows the dv888 away.

I’m wondering how the Shinwoo Zen’s fare up agasint the dv888 considering they are they are the same price as the dv888.

Of course, it all comes down to preferences.

I got a Zen 6 and it’s really nice. Much preferable to a DV888 IMHO.

Yeah I have to agree my Dv888 is 'ight but not super interesting which in the end is what I look for in a yoyo. Although I will say I like the 2010 (Dv888) over the 2011/2012 because those can’t seem to hold silly more then a week…

Wow I remember when people use to recommended the YYF Dv888 as first metals. The price is good for a first metal and its undersized. When I did own a Dv888 thought it was a little on the heavy side and it plays well. Like the other forum members that posted I think there better throws around that price point.