i have been yoyoing for a while now and i want to upgrade. I currently have a DM II and Y10as my best yoyos. I was thinking about the DV888 because it is in my price range and it looks pretty good. Do you think I should get it?

I think the dv888 would be a small step down from the dm2… You picked the right yoyo when you got the dm2… If your price range is only around $50 than you are set… A dibase or capless might be slightly better but i thinkyou should just stick with the dm2 for that general range

I think the dv888 and dm2 are just about at the same level. I suggest the dibase or capless from c3, and maybe the Werrd hour, or yyj Theory. They are all a little higher price than the dv888, but the yoyos themselves justify it.

If you are upgrading from the DM2, the DV888 is acually on par with the DM2. A good upgrade would be the CHeck mate by yoyofactory. It is 70 and is a similar shape to the DV888.

Don’t underestimate the DV888 just because it’s mass produced and considered a budget metal. It is an excellent performer and can handle anything you throw at it. Sadly, many people do underestimate it, mostly because people seem not to like yoyos without hype.

You won’t regret getting a DV888. Personally, I consider it a better yoyo than the DMII. Other options to consider are the cheaper C3 yoyos.

I actually did not like the dv888, not because it’s yyf. I like yyf.


Buy a DiBase or DiBase2 for $10 more, or a Halo, or for another $10, get a Capless.

Or, look to some of of the Shinwoo Zen yoyos.

Or maybe God Tricks.

I am biased against the dv888, but either way, I think the dv888 would be a step backwards for you.

I own both and a strongly feel the dv888 is a better more solid through. I would go for it, than again c3’s are great

dont buy a Dv888.
it plays about evenly alike a DM2 - if you talk about quality.
the dv888 is good, but its not an upgrade.

you should buy a Capless or DiBase like other people already recommend.

but if you’re seeking a major upgrade, look into yoyos in the $80s or $90s range. if its out of your budget, then i wont mention.

I won’t say my dm2 is better than my dv888, but I play with my dm2 more. Probably because is bigger, forgot what size it is exactly. Dv888 is undersized and is a bit too quick for my play style.
If you want an upgrade, look else where. Yyj hex may be an upgrade. OD burnside or any budget C3. Probably easier for you to do horizontals with C3 though.

I second the Capless and DiBase 1 or 2. The YYJ Theory is around your price range, and I have one in the mail. If you are still deciding when I get it, I am going to write a review and I can tell you how I like it :slight_smile:

There really isn’t an upgrade from a dmII. You are just going to get yoyos that play differnt. They are going to be no more capable then a dmII though, your holding a yoyo that can do anything, its not going to hold you back. Don’t belive the hype. When that yoyo doesn’t perform how you want it too, first look at the other end of the string for the problem. the yoyo likly isn’t it.
Remember price has nothing to do with how good a yoyo plays.

I agree the dv888 is a wonderful yoyo that plays beyond its price tag. $40, full of fun, nimble, stable, smooth.

C3 yoyos are good yo-yos. you should get a dibase. It has rubber weight rings also so you can give a new feel to the yoyo.

I have both a dm2 and a dv888 and in my opinion they play exactly the same, the only real difference is a dv888 hurts a lot more when you get smacked by it and its smaller so you can put it in your pocket and carry it every where…but it defiantly hurts more remember that.

Lets start from the beginning so people can give you more accurate recommendations.
What do you think about your current throws? Anything that you liked or disliked, such as the shape, weight, etc?

I kind of like the smaller and lighter better than the hevuer.

I started with a dv888 n DMII. I would get a capless which seems similar to a catalyst, or a Do Base 2.

They weigh about the same. The dv888 is however much smaller.