DV888 with upgrade kit


Hey guys, I was planning to buy YYF Dv888 for quite a long time and decided it finally. I saw the choice in the list on yoyoexpert shop that Dv888 with upgrade kit is available. I want to know what is the difference between standart edition and the one with upgrade kit. I know it says that yoyo comes responsive and you need to change it with included parts, but what parts are there that come with the said upgrade kit, and when i interchange those, will the yoyo be the standard dv888?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


It looks to me like it comes with both a Slim and Spec bearing, and you have to change out the Slim bearing to the full width inorder to play unresponsive.

They must be trying to get rid of old stock or something, they are giving you $15 off AND giving you a free Slim bearing as far as I can tell. Pretty sweet deal for $30!


Please don’t buy the dv888 with all the available throws to choose from

If you want a smaller budget metal go for the werrd minute or recrev neaue. They’re much more modern and a much better purchase. If you don’t care about size and were just going off reviews get a shutter. The current national champ used it to win and it’s an excellent yoyo.


I would also recommend a shutter over a dv888. The dv888 is a great throw, but you get more for your money with a shutter.


(Jace) #5

If you want the dv888 go for it. I enjoy playing mine and if you want one I doubt you will be too disappointed. If you are looking for something else in the price range the rally is insanely good or if you want value you could go for anything magicyoyo. Honestly though,I don’t see anything wrong with the dv888.


Thank you all for help, I’ve decided to buy the Czech Mate yoyo, because i dont like the shape of Shutter. I really liked dv88 when it came out but I wasn’t into yoyoing since then, so I didn’t know that more affordable(and better) metals were available. So in my opinion CZM8 wont be a bad choice for it’s price range


Happy to hear. It’s an excellent yoyo and you won’t be disappointed

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Glad you didn’t buy a Dv888 lol. They were good for their time though.

Enjoy the Czech Mate!