Yo Yo similar to DV888

Hey guys.

I have a DV888 and I love it! In fact, my stash from most favored to least favored is DV888, Protostar, Northstar, and DMII. What do you suggest? I would like to keep it to $50, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible. I am open to any and all suggestions.

I really like the way the DV888 plays. It’s stable, sleeps well, and feels great!

You could try going for the JK or the Raptor those are both good metal yoyos for a good price. :smiley:

(Sadly there’s not too many yoyos that are shaped quite like the Dv888.)

a lot of the fundametal line has a similar shape, doesn’t it?
like the lunatic, chaotic, and hectic? they’re a bit different, but a pretty similar shape.
but yeah, the JK and Raptor are both two great metals at an amazing price. The JK plays a bit lighter than a dv88, and a raptor is bigger, and organic shaped.

try and get a YYF boss if you like YYF

but why would you want something similar than something you already have?

why do you want to buy new yoyo if you already love your DV888? My sugestion is to save your money until you need to upgrade, your DV888 will serve you just fine.

If you want a yoyo similar to the DV888 try getting a Half and Half from Born Crucial. It’s made of Delrin and grinds excellently.

i suggest you try something more…high end. The DV888 is a great yoyo and more than capable of taking you places. It seems like your collection consists of throws on the heavier end of the spectrum, other than the Protostar.

Try a classic rounded throw. The Dv888 is just that but with flat beefy rims. Here are some suggestions.

Heavy Cream

Some of these are out of your price range. The BST is a great place to find a slightly used throw in you price range. Don’t be afraid to haggle.

hspin beysick is good

My advice would to be a get a yoyo that is not like the dv888. If you love the dv888, why would you want to buy another yoyo like it? That’s almost like buying two dv888’s. It would seem to me that since you only have four yoyos (and the proto and northstar are very similar) you should look to unique yoyo’s. Who knows, maybe there is something you’ll like even better. Just my advice.

I certainly appreciate everyone’s input, and I will be looking up the yo-yos that have been suggested.

I really like the way the DV888 plays, and I love the way it feels. I am a bit old school, and I like the somewhat undersized yo-yos. Ten years ago, the yo-yos were the size of the DV888. As the technology has progressed, oversized is the new normal. Anyone older than 20 will probably know what I am talking about.

I am trying to convince my wife to let me go a little higher end, which would mean a Yuuksta, 888, or something similar. I might venture out and try another “normal” sized yo-yo, but I am leaning fairly strong on something a little smaller and “zippy,” but my mind is not totally set.

BTW, I really like the Protostar as well. Great throw!

I’d argue it’s the exact opposite.

Hmmm premium and smaller sounds like you need a General-Yo MiniStar.

Or maybe something like One Drop Dietz, it is undersized and you can install the ultra light side effect for super speed or just use the stock. Btw I have a Yuuksta and it is really good but it’s a little beat up but still plays good

I did some research, and I ended up going with an HSpin Beysick! I got the green one. I am really looking forward to seeing how this yo-yo plays. Lots of people seem to really enjoy it!

I also ordered a One Drop 10 Ball Bearing, and some 100% polyester string (I have been playing Slick 6). I am looking forward to how the bearing and the string play.

Thanks for all the recommendations, and I will see you around!

You will like the beysick,
Nice choice,

And to your original question, no, I dont know of any other yoyos that play like a brick.

I got the HSpin Beysick in today, and it truly is “sick”! I only threw for about 30 minutes, but the yoyo was dead smooth on the end of the string. The weight and size were perfect. There was one tiny inconvenience - it seemed to pop back on more complex tricks. Perhaps a KK, CenterTrak or some wear on the response pads will fix that. Other than that, a must buy!

Pads need breaking in or the bearing is breaking in you shouldn’t need a KK or CT.

Cool. Thanks Trace! Good job reppin’ Jesus!