Got $50!

I have around $50 to buy a new yoyo.

I prefer a undersized yoyo but it is ok if it is oversized. I dont care about the shape offer any thing! i like a heavier yoyo with a soild thunk at the end of the string. for my play style like playing around with suicides, and pops.

Wait till the $50 Dv888s come rolling in, or buy a ProtoStar!

i suggest the same :wink:

do you know when they come out and how long?

Hitman, Xcon, new breed, revolution the list goes on…

He would prefer something undersized. I suggest the $50 Dv888’s when they come out. they will be coming out in August, which is very soon.

hitman, xconvict and revolution I beleive are undersized

thanks for yor help
all of you
i was going to get the yoyo at OH state yoyo contest on the 31st
right now i am thinking of either: atomsphere, revolution, or protostar

i said i prefer undersized oversized is ok too :wink:

not really hitman and x-convict are 53mm in diameter kinda in the middle reveloution is 54mm in diameter so it is more oversized.

They are totally not undersized. They are a little too big for me. Undersized is like the Mini-Motu, or the Skyline, or the Campfire. You got what I mean.

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Dv888! its now $44.99 + shipping!

I think it would be best for him to get a ProtoStar. I think the Dv888 would be too much of a big step up for him. Just stay with the ProtoStar for now.

Big step up for me?
i think a dv888 would fit me fine
i am not a beginner player i think i am acutally pretty good (now time to make a video to prove that :P)
i think i can handle a dv888.

sorry if i souned like a jerk
i think i will pick up a dv888 at the ohio state contest if they have it for 50

Oh, LOL. I thought I was posting in a different thread. For you, I definitely recommend the Dv888 for you. And now the big price drop! BUY ONE NOW!!! LOL, but really do. :wink:

I think you should get a dv888. It’s what I’m going to get, and most people like it. My favorite undersized yoyo is the campfire, but it’s probably to light for you. For me it’s the best $75 I ever spent.

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oh ok then ;D

Is there a new dv888 coming out? and $50 awesome. Or was it just a sale on the old dv888.

I say dv888 or maybe Protegé if u can afford the extra $15.

I’m having the same problem with choosing my next metal yoyo:)

Wait till the $50 Dv888s come rolling in, or buy a ProtoStar! i agree

The Atmosphere fits pretty perfect. Heavy, solid, small, affordable.

That said, getting the Dv888 while it’s this cheap isn’t a bad idea.

Get a butterfly, its great for NOTHING! lol jk, get a dv888, or protoge’