Which Yoyo Should I get

I am looking for a yoyo to get. I have 5 options to choose from and I need help. I don’t know which is good and which is bad. Vote for 1 yoyo then please tell me why your vote is most necessary. Thank You bye!

get a DV888, plays like a $100 throw (specially with a KK in it), if not better

and they look killer in grey

yes, if you like undersize, you can’t go wrong with a DV888.
if you like fullsizr, protostar or northstar is the way to go

You should get protostar because it is your favourite yoyo. Go for it.

Actually, if you like normal sized (full sized), you can choose Raptor. I’ve heard it’s smoother than the Dv888. IMHO, I think the Dv888 might be a bit over-rated. Just IMHO.

And yes, Raptor can play as good if not better as $100 yoyo.

if you are looking for midsized yoyos. i think the dv888 is perfect. Its is a well played yoyo for a good price. i bought one and love it. very good for counter weighting also.