which yoyo should I buy?

Which yoyo should I buy, the yyf starlite, dv888, protostar, or the northstar?

the one you think is the coolest. you cant go wrong on any of them

wait, there is no performance difference?

there is a difference.

yyf starlite is 65.7 grams, proto is about 67, and north is about 69

they play relitivly similar due to the very similar shape.

dv888 is 66 grams and is NOT like the others. TTTT i reccommend the dv888

dv888 is full metal. WINNING!

starlite is glow in the dark and a light star. WINNING!

proto is a middleweight star. WINNING!

north is a heavy star. WINNING!


Cool list but I want something that will be overall good that I can learn tricks on, with a good spin time, and that can last for a long time so I don’t have to buy any other yoyo. These are the yoyos I found and I don’t know what to buy. So which one?

you can get what you’re looking for from any of the throws you listed.
I’d go with a dv888 thought, because it’s all metal. and metal wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The dv888 is metal so I was thinking it will last forever. I’ll consider buying one of these, thanks!

metals still get dings.

they all have good spin time

they are ALL good overall

they all willl last along time

metal does tarnish after a while. so, it wont always be pristine.

Raptor all the way. It’s a great metal, very smooth, has very little vibe, has 2 removable caps for different weight feel and play, many colors, 2 extra sets of response pads and is also a beast at grinding. You can’t go wrong with this, as some people even claim that Raptor is smoother than Dv888.
Also, the yoyo’s you listed are great players, all do tricks well, but Dv888 and Raptor tend to have less vibe.

And an anodized finish has no tarnish unless you strip the anodization.
Raptor all the way, outplays many players in many yoyoers case.

wow. almost verbatem. :wink:

you are good at similar posts.

you LOVE raptors. i have tryed one, i like em too.

sorry, just thought i would go through your posts and see if i was right about you copy/pasting your posts. i was wrong. VERY similar though.

get whatever you want