90$ Time to get another yoyo!

Hey guys, sorry again for another help-me post. I know I said I was gonna get a Protostar, then a speeder, then the acryllion, but I decided I was gonna get something else. If there is a way to delete my previous post please tell me.

I am going to be getting some money pretty soon and I need help deiciding what yoyo I should consider. I also added a post, but if you are going to vote for a yoyo please tell why.

Now for my preferences:

Size: Small or Medium
Width: Has to be wide
Color: Doesn’t Matter
Weight: 64-68g
Style of Play: Slacks, Whips, Suicides, and quick technical moves.
Level: Expert, but the time I get the money I should be at Master.
Shape: Anything that isn’t akward of pointy
Price: Nothing over 90$

I would also like a yoyo that feels really smooth, like butter smooth, on string. And doesn’t try to catch on to the string with many layers.

Good All around, meaning it is good with everything. Not saying it has to be Perfect.

Yoyos I have been considering:

Sorry again for doing this again. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! :slight_smile:

How do you add a poll?

dude, you can’t go wrong with a protostar, especially for the price. And the speeder can wait. I have one and it’s nice, but not all that.
but as far as your preferences and the list you are considering, I’ll give my take on the ones I know anything about:

Dv888: very good choice, small and wide. very stylish, flat rims are a plus
Mayhem: another good choice, smooth player, and easily maneuvers around the string. i am not especially fond of the curved edge, but that is just my preference.
Severe: goliath gap on this one! my favorite shaped yoyo out of these, closest to the protostar. but I think it is bigger and heavier than the others (I could be wrong), and thumb grinding might not be an option.

my personal opinion is either a mayhem or a protostar, depending on how much you want to spend. either way, you wont be disappointed

Ok, cool! The Protostar looks really cool, but I heard the grinds weren’t that great. I really want a yoyo that good all around. Sorry I didn’t put that in my original post, I’ll do it now.

yeah, grinding isn’t the best with a protostar, but it is possible. Let me put it this way: The metal FHZ is great for grinding, and it’s around the same price as the protostar, but it plays nowhere near as good. What the Protostar lacks in it’s grinding capabilities, it makes up for in its all around performance.

Hmmm, you make a good point. I’ll think about, do you have another suggestion on a metal?

i was able to buy an hspin pyro and a speeder, both in great condition on ebay for $60 bucks. I love the pyro. It is feels like slow motion when you play it, so much control! the pyro is very underrated. have you considered it? well, its big and wide, so maybe not what your looking for.
it just so happens that Hspin makes a smaller version that plays just as good. the Pyro light! food for thought.

Looks great, but it is 20$ over my budget. :-\

Opps, I am a dummy. Forgot to put my preference on weight. It’s 64-68. The pyro light is good, but a little too light.

I rally suggest you the DV888 because it has a really wide gap and really good for suicides. You can also do whips easily because of the wide gap. it fits well in the hand and feels comfortable in the hand, Hope it helped

Project 2 would be perfect for you.

Thanks Paolo, I have narrowed my choices down to the genesis and the P2. :slight_smile: If I can’t get my hands on a project I am gonna go for the genesis.

I’ve said it a thousand times. Fools gold bassalope. I like it more than my G5 might be a little light for your preferences though.

Bassalopes look really good, but it is a little expensive. I am lucky if my parents let me buy anything over 60$.

I find the fools gold wooly marmot a little better then the fools gold bassalope

Hey Kei, i recommend the genesis. yuuki specer and miguel correa used this yoyo to win 1st in the national yoyo contest

DV888, all the way. It plays so good, and it is so cheap. I guarentee you If you buy it you will love it. Similarish to the Project 2, awesome colors, $65, save your money.

Thanks guys.
I either want a Dv888 or a P2 (if I can get one).

I wanted to ask if a Dingo is a good main 1a yoyo to do some serious learning on? Onedrop just started selling them again.

Flat rims can still be a little awkward so I wouldn’t completely rule out the Boss.

DV888 and P2 are both really good, but very similar. The P2 grinds better, but the DV888 is offered in a small bearing version, too.

Yes, the dingo plays as good as any other metal but I probably wouldn’t get one as your first metal because it is so small and hard to see. If you ever want to do a show or a freestyle, you probably won’t want to use one.

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Get a Lunatic.

Lunatic looks alright, but I am aiming for a Onedrop m1, p2, or Dv888

I personally really like the way the Dv888 plays. Thumb grinds are a little weird at first, but It feels really stable while playing it. I do not have experience with the other yo-yo’s (sadly :’( ) but I have only heard positive things about them. You really can’t go wrong with any of these yo-yo’s