shutter or dv888


i want to buy my first metal yoyo but i dont know which one i should get, the shutter or dv889. both seem like good budget metal throws but is one better than the other?


Most people would probably tell you shutter, but I prefer the DV888. It’s small and compact and fast. Just my 2 cents :wink:


My vote would be for the shutter! It’s bigger, so tends to be more stable and a little easier to learn with. I’m sure some 888 fans will show up to call foul because the 888 is a good yoyo too. I will say that, IMO, the shutter is superior and all other opinions are welcome.



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Well the Shutter is a full sized yoyo, as opposed to the DV888 which is a… medium size throw I believe. I don’t think it is undersized, but I know for a fact it is not full sized, leaving it in between. So if you would like a full sized throw, get the Shutter. It will last you forever and can literally handle the hardest tricks you can throw at it. I have not tried a DV888, but I assume it would not be as good as the Shutter THIS IS MY OPINION, and am personally not even going to try it because I only like full sized throws. Hopefully this helps a bit.

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Shutter for sure man

Dv888 was good for its time.


Shutter is much newer in design compated to the dv888 which I believe is now 5 years old


Shutter! Is the better of the two unless you like undersized throws. The shutter is a newer design and for the same price.


Us have both. If this is your first metal I say go with the shutter it will be easier to learn with and it will be able to so much more advanced tricks. In my experience with the dv888 it is very unstable beer the end of its spin.


Both are great yoyos though. U can’t go wrong with either



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Never tried the dv888, but I am very happy I bought my shutter

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Yeah seriously don’t buy a dv888, it’s just not worth the price and has a high gap wall. But like I said earlier, it was a good yoyo for it’s time.


The too hot looks promising as well.