Shutter vs Dv888


They seem pretty similar so I don’t know which one would be better.


Shutter. DV888 is obsolete unless you want a responsive metal… even then its pretty obsolete IMO.


Yeah but you can get dv888 unresponive…


Re-read my last post…
The part about where I said its obsolete? Yeah I meant the unresponsive one. $45 for a dv888 is not worth it anymore with the shutter around.


It depends I started with the shutter and hated it. I had a strong throw but for a beginner into unresponsive it wasn’t stable at all. And with stability gone was hard to learn binding never mind anything else I actually found the dm2 and c3 level 6 instantly easier to learn with. Now I’m a bit better the shutters not bad. But to me I find others better I use the shutter as a beater. Look around there are tons in the price range and you may find one you like better the same way I did. Imo


My shutter feels amazingly stable. Maybe you had a bad one, one yoyo can feel completely different than another of the same kind though.


it’s OK now I meant as an absolute beginner I found others easier to learn with. I just don’t want someone to think the shutter is the best for everyone. Tons like it probably just as many don’t like it so much like me. It’s OK but to choose just one for now if he is a beginner I would have him get something easier to learn with and be fun not get frustrated like I did. Like something with a little smaller gap easier to bind with stuff like that. For all I know he would like it. I just wanted him to know not everyone does that’s all.

(major_seventh) #8

Lol get a Shutter over the Dv888. I mean seriously, enough with these threads.

Shutter will win anyway ;D

Although there’s also the Horizon that’s really good.


For more of a beginner type throw, I’d reccomend the shutter over the horizon. Horizon can be good but its not really a beginner metal.


well for one they are different and there is NOTHING wrong with the DV888.

it is smaller and you clearly feel the difference from the Shutter and DV888.

for the money is is an excellent throw.


yes I have both. either could win…


This is a Shutter.

Nuff said.


I honestly don’t agree…
$45 for a DV888 vs $45 for a shutter. They’re the same price, shutter is newer, and better…

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I don’t get the DV888 hate. I thought it was pretty good when I used one.


I’m not hating on it. Just making that clear. Its a good budget throw, it just doesn’t even compare to the shutter in my book.


How about for someone that prefers undeersized yoyos? That’s how it can be better since it fits some people preferences better.

As for the stability the level 6 is more stable simply because it’s thinner. The wider the yoyo the less stable and the shutter isn’t known for being thin, just saying.

With all that being said I think the shutter is the better throw to buy since I find the shape fits more people preferences than the dv888.


Gun to my head I’d take the Shutter but if you’re after a budget undersized metal, the DV888 isn’t a bad way to go.