Shutter vs. DV888

I’m trying to figure out what yoyo I should get next, and I am debating between the Shutter and the DV888. On the website they seem very similar, so I thought I should get some feedback from people who have actually tried them. Is either notably better than the other?

I have both and in term of performance, the shutter destroys the dv888.
The shutter is incredibly good for the price. The dv888 on the other hand, is nice for an undersized yoyo, but does not handle tricks in general as well as the shutter. The dv888 is a fun throw though.

I’d say get the shutter definitely.

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Shutter vs dv888 is like a 5 course meal versus a salad. One has the whole package and the other doesnt

DV888 is organic undersized which is an old design that doesn’t handle stuff like horizontal

A better comparison would be something like the other current yoyofactorys such as the horizon or too hot which are actually just as good but feature different shapes and sizes.

You would be much happier with the shutter the dv888 is almost garbage in comparison

Get shuta or horizon or shutter razor edition