ordered dv888 good decision or not


so yesterday i ordered my yyf dv888 and ive heard good reviews and bad reviews but wats your guys opion


It’s a fun pocket throw but it’s gotten somewhat outdated. It used to be a must have throw but with the release of all the new budget throws in the past 2 years it’s lost it’s uniqueness in being cheap.

Now days you have the shutter, czm8 and too hot from yoyofactory. Almost all of the yoyofficer lineup as well fits in the price range. C3 has the dibase 2 and level 6. There’s werrd with the minute too so there were definitely better choices but it’s still a good yoyo.


well i was thinking of getting the shutter but i heard it was very unstable


Low walled wide yoyos will always be less stable but there’s great trade offs which allow for better horizontal tricks. Adding lots of rim weight will also help increase stability but there’s of course a limit there as well.


that will prob be the next one i get once my dv888 comes in

(UmeNagisa) #6

In my opinion, the worst yoyo made by YYF. It plays so bland, unstable and just all around… terrible.
Its not fun, it feels plain and isn’t a yoyo I would ever recommend to even my worst enemy.


I said the exact same words a few weeks ago about the dv888


Should have gotten the shutter LOL

(UmeNagisa) #9

Like, It’s such a… gross yoyo. Naoki has the right idea.
and Noonar, pretty much!


Wait what? The Shutter is super stable! Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.


Pretty sure they’re talking about the dv888

In terms of undersized yoyos it wasn’t that bad when it came out




I would disagree


I think both the Shutter and DV888 are unstable. For the price, i think there are much better yoyos, like the Zeekio prism.


I got it today its playing responsive for some reason


Clean your bearing.


My friend got it and i loved it, A few months later I got it, and i felt the same as you, I hate mine. although my friends is for some reason pretty decent.


There were 2 versions with different pads

The usa made one plays a lot better


No they were the same version. His was so much smoother and grinded so good. Was there a difference in blast, or ano between the grey and red, other than just color?