Which is better yyf dv888 or yyf shutter

I wanted to know what people think is better. I have a dv888 and it plays really smooth for its price. However, I want to get a shutter but I don’t know if it’s good compared to the dv888.

After you play a Shutter, you’ll want to melt down your dv888 for slag.

Yes, the Shutter IS that much better.

I’m sort of biased against the dv888. In all honesty, these do not compare when it comes to price/performance. The dv888 is small, dense and plays heavy on the string and is easy to become unstable(due to the design). It’s a good yoyo, but it’s just not as good as it could be. Then the Shutter, especially when blasted, is smooth, solid, lighter on the string, stable as get all, grinds like mad, horizontal like you wouldn’t believe.

$45 vs. $45. The dv888 feels like “oh, so this is what $45 will get me”. The Shutter is like “OMG… this easily plays at $100”. NOW, one word of caution about the Shutter: I have replaced both the stock bearings with C sized Centertracs(I have two Shutter yoyos). It is absolutely worth the extra cost to get the better bearing.


Shutter hands down no question…

I don’t think the dv888 is that bad
It’s a pretty fun undersized throw but in terms of competition use the shutter blows it out of the water

Dv888- meh…

Shutter- MEH!

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SHUTTER! By far, I don’t have a Dv888 but I have thrown one. A Dv888 is a good yoyo to have in your collection, but the Shutter is so much better.

Shutter lol no comparison


For me, Shutter is the better yo-yo…at a better price too.


I’m going to try to compare the two:

Spin Time- Shutter: several minutes DV888: 2-3 minutes

Stability- Shutter: 5 star DV888: 4 star

Grinds- Shutter: 5 star (blasted) DV888: 3 star

Horizontal- Shutter: 4 star DV888: 2 star

Speed: about equal

X- Factor (Yes: just a personal opinion… but still) Shutter: 5 star DV888: 2-3 star

Final conclusion: DV888 is maybe a $45 value. Shutter is AT LEAST a $70 value. Go with the SHUTTER! :wink:

i think you got the message buddy
its an overwhelming verdict, and though i haven’t used a shutter i can tell you there are way better yo-yos than a dv888. its just not worth its price if you ask me. its heavier than a lot of yo-yos its size and its as basic as it gets imo. get the shutter if you have to decide between the two