Newbie's Choice - DV888 and Shutter Contrast and Comparison

I thought my DV888 was a great beginner’s yoyo into the unresponsive world. However After getting my Shutter, I can significantly land tricks a lot easier based on it’s larger frame. The DV888 is a bit small, making it harder to land tricks! Not only that, but my Shutter is so much more smoother and sleeps so much longer. I would spend the extra bucks just to get the Shutter for a beginner’s yoyo instead of a DV888 if possible.

Just my thoughts. That’s all I have to say about my two only current yoyo’s!

i agree. i recognized the 888 namesake but chose the shutter, and im glad i did.
sometimes you cant beat new technology… this is definitely one of those times.

Yeah. I’ve had the original 888, and I’ve thrown the dv888, and it’s a big difference in performance if you ask me. But between the shutter and dv888, I would say shutter. Has way more possibilities and it was built from the ground up for the player, not from the sky down as the dv888 was.
Two good choices though! (If your looking to expane your collection, from those two I say you would like the inspire, magic yoyo (k3 and n9 are both awesome, n9 is just heavier and louder) or a super nova.

I’ve always found it good to have a very capable and less capable throw while learning. Learn the new trick on the competition throw and hone your skills on the more challenging. I remember back when I thought skin the gerbil was impossible on my Classic. I could never get thru the trick until I got a benchmark. Once I got the motion down I switched back and got it all cleaned up. I really think it accelerated my learning curve.

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