YoYoFactory Dv888 Review - feedback wanted

This is my first review so bare with me… here we go.

I bought my Dv888 almost exactly one year ago today. At first i used it every day for months. When my school work got overwhelming i was almost forced to quit throwing for a few months. Ive recently picked up throwing again and in that time I’ve purchased an Ann Whip, Capless, Genesis, Metal Drifter, Token and an Avalanche. I made another purchase that is on its way including my Delrin Severe and another Dv888.

YYF DV888 Stats:
Diameter: 50.04 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 40.58 mm / 1.6 inches
Gap Width: 4.67 mm / .18 inches
Response System: K-Pad
Weight: 67 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

On a throw:

This thing can spin. I don’t know why or how but for some reason it will out spin my Capless using the same bearing. It feels a little clunky but I don’t mind so much cause I’m not exactly a fast player. Being my first metal, I was expecting it to be a little bigger but I must say that the Dv888 got me into liking undersized yoyos. I find that I can be so much more technical with this throw because it can slip in places with ease that my bigger throws can barely squeeze by. Finger grinds are okay, but I don"t do them much anyways. Thumb grinds are doable but hard. Again, I don’t do them much at all. Another thing I was impressed by is the stability. No, it isn’t the most stable thing out there, but for how small it is, the Dv888 will stay stable through my toughest tricks and combos
For my abilities and style of playing: 8.5/10


My friend and i purchased Dv888’s together (one red, one gray) and then swtched halves so im using a gray and red one. It has a nice smooth finish. It isn’t that sticky feeling like on a Capless (candy finish?) nor is it a blasted finish. It feels a little different than any other throw is have. Another thing i was surprised by was the toughness of the ano. I’ve banged this thing off the floor, walls, even the ceiling a couple times and have only managed to put a few minor pin pricks and one almost unnoticeable flat spot on the outer rim.
Appearance: 8/10
Durability: 9/10

If you’re looking for a great metal at a low cost ($45), thinking about trying undersized, or even just a new throw, the Dv888 is my number one recommendation. It is now one of my favorite throws and the only yoyo I’ve even thought about buying twice.

Thanks, any feedback on my review is greatly appreciated.

Note: My Dv888 is siliconed and now spinning on a trifecta bearing.

good but, my dv888 broke :’( and my grind machine to, but I broke them. Don’t even think about hub stacking the 2011 version. Also I found the dv888 wasn’t as stable as my dark magic 2 or the grind machine. just my 2 cents. Still a good throw for the price, but nothing will make me buy another one, I played my old one to death, like for half year non stop. So I moved on. Great review.

I think I am done rambling now…

Maybe i got the “cream of the crop”… mine is super stable. There is still absolutely nothing wrong with it besides a few pin pricks. I ordered the new one to either keep it in the box and hold on to it for a few years or so i can sell the old one and keep the new one.

Mine is the same way i threw a KK in the thing and it flies but has a splitting vibe. It has gone through about 6-7 months of daily use so I don’t blame it for starting to die on me

Mine is a year old and is as smooth as my Avalanche.

mines a year old but really beat up with tons of pinpricks it takes tons of damage, but ill change bearings around see what I can find. It was my walk around yoyo this past year, and it took me from nothing to something. It was insane how well I learned on this thing.

Same here. I was using a FHZ previous tot his and as soon as i got the Dv888 my skill level sky-rocketed.

I just got my gnarwhal boom finished advanced part 1 in 2 days

I was using a ONE then begged for this and poof went through all the tutorials on YYE thena month later added the KK and blew me away!

Havent tried a KK at all, let alone in my Dv888 but I’m sure it was great. The Trifecta makes a huge difference