Dv888 Review

When you first open the package it immeaditly feel amazing just to touch. It has a really soft surface perfect for hand grinds and thumb grinds. The bearing could be better for the price, but it didn’t bother me. If you are inexperienced you will find the dings are REALLY noticeable, When you ding it up off course. The Yo-Yo felt undersized, but mostly because i felt like using my Dark Magic 2 before i got it.

 The dimensions are.....

Diameter: 50.04 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 40.58 mm / 1.6 inches
Gap Width: 4.67 mm / .18 inches
Response System: K-Pad - ‘888 Size’ (Slim Pad)
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

 Overall I would recommend this to many people..but will not be my main throw.  I just cant get the intensity from it.  But this is a GREAT yo-yo and its helped me lear a lot of tricks.


Nice informative review, but the dm2 i think would outplay a dv888 any day. I aldo think the protostar would play just aswell. I have a dm2 and a protoatar but no dv888.

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SO detailed and very LONG.

VERY informative and so pleasing to read!

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what do you mean when you say the dings are noticable if your inexpeirenced

I realized i worded that weird…I meant if your not comfortable with aluminum yo-yos…And you ding it, they stand out…or in my opinion. Sorry

I love how i insulted you and i got a thankyou for it :slight_smile:

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Good Job Buddy, Bet your proud!

lol, this is amusing

Nice review. I own a DV888 myself, and I have never dinged it. At all. Anyways, the DV888 is one of my main throws, due to the fact that I am on a strict budget.

CarlG; Funny how he thanked you again…

yep! he is SO VERY intelligent!

These forums are full of mean bullies. It’s too bad :frowning:



I got a Dv888. And for me, the performance is a hit. I’m fond of playing small sized yoyos like the yuuksta and g-funk, that’s why i like it. Overall, it is stable and is meant for fast play. And also, it sounds great with a Konkave bearing… It’s like “sheeeeeeeeeengg…” ;D

Well, I think you should add in some of your personal opinions about how this yoyo plays (floaty or solid? heavy or light?), and comment on the size, weight, weight distribution, etc. Nice try though. :slight_smile:

nice review :slight_smile: i was thinking of getting a Dv888 myself

i think a dv888 is kind of small but looks really cool in blue and finger grinds really good. it would outplay a dark magic but is not as good as my PHENOM

my favorite throw, i have even had a g5. its amazing and i got my first ding in it today =( its kind of flowy but you can whip the thing around like you couldnt imagine…

so should i get a dv888 or northstar

I have both. I gotta give my Northstar some more time. I got the dv888 and the Northstar at the same time. Granted, the Northstar is a heavy yoyo at 69.5 grams, but I don’t know what it is, but it really feels heavy on the string to me. I like heavy yoyos, my Recrev Sharp is 70 grams, but doesn’t feel as heavy. My DM2 is 69 grams, and is on the large side, but doesn’t feel heavy like the Northstar either.

The dv888 is MUCH smaller and lighter. At 66 grams, you wouldn’t think 3.5 grams makes a bit difference but it dies. The dv888 is also all metal, where the Northstar is considered a plastic.

Both are decent players, regardless of what materials they are made from. I’m glad I have both because they are popular models that lots of people have, so I can better relate to more people. I can’t decide for you. Either is a winner.