YYF DV888 Responsive Beast

Got my DV888 starter kit in the mail yesterday. What a responsive beast! My first metal yoyo was a Yomega Maverick. It is fairly responsive, but not like DV888! That sucker slams back into your hand with impressive force!

It spins very nicely and comes back readily. I would recommend the starter kit to anybody wanting to get a metal throw. The kit comes with everything you need to make it into an unresponsive throw. And it’s very affordably priced for everything you get in the kit.

I plan to leave it responsive for a while and may wait for my YYF Shutter to use as an unresponsive.

My only complaint is the string that it came with is rather short. But I hate to waste a good string.

Both of those are yoyos I’m considering for an upgrade to metal.
I’m not sure really what the big difference between the two is though.

Is the Shutter $10 better?

I was reading a number of “DV888 vs Shutter” posts and a lot of people seem to favor the Shutter. I like the compact size of the DV888 over the Shutter.

One advantage of getting the DV888 starter kit is that it comes with everything needed to make it into an unresponsive throw. All for $35 versus $45 for the Shutter. A lot of people will say the Shutter is a better throw. That may be true, but for new users a DV888 may be a better investment.

Add another zero or two and you got it

@Thag, the Shutter is way better than the Dv888 and you will be extremely happy almost guaranteed. The Dv888 is also good unresponsive for a beginner. I had one for a period of time before I sold it.


The fact that the DV888 comes with the materials to make it unresponsive for $10 less, isn’t really an advantage since the shutter come unresponsive already.

If you want to start out responsive then move from responsive to unresponsive without shelling out coin for two throws, then it does make sense.

Nice review! But I think it should be posted in the “yoyo reviews” section

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I was going to say this. Thin C bearings aren’t hard to come by, or costly, but it’s all down to preference. Quite honestly, I’d get something used off of the BST (I’ve seen MIB shutters for $30) and get a thin bearing, and some kitty string from YYE. MAYBE the YYF tool since the shutter is known for its death grip on bearings

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I guess a used yoyo wouldn’t really be much different from a new one.
I’ll have to check that out too.