What yoyo is next?!


Hey guys I am new to yoyo but i absolutely love it! And so far i know tricks like double or nothing, double trapeze a few different binds and stuff like that. As of now im throwing a velocity and well, trying to do any new string tricks is difficult with the cotton string and the unbalanced weight distribution. I really want to get a metal unresponsive yoyo. After a few hours of research I feel like the best for a low price are the dv888 and the shutter. What in your opinion is better? Also I would love to hear a new yoyo you might think would be good.

Thanks so much!


I would say you should check out yoyoofficer throws. Most of their throws are $30-40, come unresponsive, and are supposedly really good.


Definitely shutter. Dv888 although fun is very outdated and undersized. Can’t keep up with todays yoyos at all. The kilter is a better yoyo in the same price range as the dv888 but would still choose the shutter over it.


You should get a shutter or yoyo officer lava both are fantastic


shutter if you insist on full metal. tbh I think you would enjoy a protostar more. dings also won’t show up as easily.

(Erik Kerber ) #6

Get the Shutter.


Diffusion 2 is fantastic for like $35. Plastic though. For full metal the DV888 is really antiquated.

For around $50 you could get

C3 Level 6
YYF Shutter
Various YoyoOfficer throws
Various Recrev throws

Personally I’d get the Level 6 because C3 is really solid and the specs looks good. Some nice splashes too. Shutter is obviously good…just depends on whether you prefer a Step-Round (L6) or an H-profile (Shutter).


Dont forget about a werrd minute or yyf horizon. The minute was my first unresponsive throw