Need a metal throw


So I need a new throw that is of course, metal. I want to spend $40 or under PREFERABLY $30 max. I like stuff with a nice wide gap long spin time unresponsive heavier weight but not too heavy. any suggestion


YOYOfficer Kilter


thanks I have been looking at the kilter for some time now.


I would look on the BST for a shutter or something similar typically with a little searching and offering you can get one within your price range ;D otherwise I agree with the kilter or if you want to try something a little smaller, the Werrd Minute!


I love the Werrd Minute, but partly because it’s a lighter throw, not a heavier one.

The YYO Jaeger was a nifty yoyo when I tried it. Overall “heavier/solid” but the large diameter doesn’t make it feel like a rock on a string.


Magicyoyo N12 and the Kilter are really the only 2 good metals throws for $30 I can think of new. If you go to the BST however you can get a much better deal on a more spendy throw. It’ll most likely have a little damage but you can’t beat the price and you’ll probly add to the damage anyways :smiley:


I’d recommend the MYY N12 as well. It is really good for the price, you can get one for about $20 new.


So I am gona look at the myy n12 the werrd minute and the kilter and whats the BST?


buy sell trade. got it


What about the dv888 is it any good? btw it says that the upgrade kit subtracts 15 so what is that all about?


It’s a cool little throw. But I think you’ll discover your 3 choices other choices are better. Especially the Minute, which I love.


So I am not going to be able to get the minute due to its price or the n12 because I need to get everything off yoyoexpert and I need to decide today. I have looked at the dv888 with the upgrade kit which is what I think I may get because it comes responsive and cAN BE made unresponsive
so kilter or dv888 (same price)

also I have a little over $50 and I am trying to decide which of these is most important for the $50
(keep in mind the $30 throw

loop 360 - $8
loop 360 - $8
thick lube - $5
thin lube - $5
yyj classic -10


But, the Minute is $50! :wink:

The Kilter. With a bottle of thin lube. Learn to bind and don’t worry about using that kind of yoyo with responsiveness. Use a different yoyo for responsive play, like the Classic or even something from a local box store if your funds don’t permit the purchase from YYE today.


I’d personally pass on the loop 360 2a pair. They’re not very good and 2A is an absolute pain. I’d focus on 1a for the time being. There is a sale on 1080’s but you’re gonna have to spend a good amount could always just get a speedaholic for your unresponsive yoyo, and get the 1080 pair though.


I already own an unresponsive yoyo and know how to bind. but its nice to have the option of being responsive or unresponsive. and gregp I want to spend the whole $50


I like the option, too, but I just use a whole different yoyo. Even when I had a DM2, I never switched back and forth between bearings. That’s just me! Based on my own approach to yoyo, my recommendation stands: Kilter with some thin lube.


Yeah so I am gona pass on the loop 360s Im really just doing the 1A right now so the lubes classic and throw also lets say I get the dv888 w/ upgrade kit which lube do I get?


no matter what im gona get a classic which is responsive and I would make the dv888 unresponsive so I could always just use the classic


The kilter is the better of the 2 since it’s more stable and runs a H shape which caters to horizontal play. The size also helps with play seeing as the weight distribution of the dv888 is compact since the dv888 is so small.

The only reason to buy the dv888 is if you wanted a responsive metal yoyo