Metal under $100

I’m looking to get a new metal throw for under (or around) $100. Currently throwing a shutter, which I like a lot. I like the size of it, but I wouldn’t mind one that was a bit bigger. With this new throw I’ll be doing 1a and a little 5a. It should be able to do decent grinds (at least comparable to my matte black shutter).

I have never touched another metal throw, so I’m not quite sure what shape I’d like, or if it even makes much of a difference beyond personal preference.

Currently looking at:

-YYF Superstar classic (w/hubstacks)
-YYF Genesis (w/ or w/o hubstacks)
-One Drop Gradient

Over $100: (I need to be convinced)
-CLYW & One Drop Summit
-CLYW Avalanche
-CLYW Bonfire
-YYF Space Cowboy

I’ll jump up to $130 if there is a strongly compelling reason, though I’d rather throw a few cheaper metals to get a feel for what I want before getting a nice CLYW or somesuch.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Are there any outstanding throws that I am not aware of in this price range?
Thanks for your help!

Space cowboy is one of the best throws I have and is totally worth the money.
Civility is a no no

Also think that the Civility is a little too overhyped by that other site and won’t be as good as the other things you’re listing.

I would say Irony JPX, but that’s sold out everywhere so I guess ill say movitation. Totally addicting

There are SOOOO many good metal throws for less than $100 especially is the BST that it isnt even funny. I know this isnt helpful, but on a plus side you have a lot to choose from!

get a L5 while you still can

From the ones you listed, get a Gradient.

2 JPX in stock if you jump now

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Only 1 left…

Edit: Nevermind they’re gone

I hadn’t heard of the JPX before, but it seems well reviewed and (obviously) popular. I’ll definitely grab one when I get a chance.

Thanks for sparing me the pain of buying an inferior product! I’ll remove it from my considerations.

Currently losing myself in BST.

Stacked catalyst. $79.99

Z stacks

Made in USA

Limited Edition

You can wait til July and get a Shout.


from someone that has tested the shout, for the price it will be at it will be a must buy. If I were you I would seriously consider waiting.

Out of 10 yoyos I currently own, I’d say Space Cowboy is the best in my arsenal.

My black irony JPX is the best i have. I love black yoyos with white rings (JPX, Draupnir) look so cool on contest backgrounds

-YYF Superstar classic (w/hubstacks)- High walls make it outdated compared to the others
-YYF Genesis (w/ or w/o hubstacks)- too much centerweight and their value on the bst is around 50 so you’re gonna take a huge loss.
-One Drop Gradient- Not as stable as the summit or space cowboy but for it’s price it’s not bad
-Civility- Way too heavy and just not up to par with the others
-CLYW & One Drop Summit-Nice and stable
-CLYW Avalanche- Felt pretty average and boring to me.
-CLYW Bonfire- I’d say summit over bonfire since they’re different but have similar characteristics.
-YYF Space Cowboy- The most stable of all yoyos on the list thanks to the bimetal design. I’ve noticed that some space cowboys can have a minimal vibe but it’s a seriously awesome yoyo and it doesn’t affect performance.

The JPX was obviously my favorite pick but now it’s sold out. Maybe take a look at the C3 Movitation which is an absolute beast. I’d personally take it over everything else on the list besides the space cowboy. I also love the werrd 86400 and it’s much cheaper than your other options along with being bigger than most. The yoyofficer nifty is another choice.

If you know good prices you should be able to grab a great deal on the BST as well.

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Wait… Genesis has too much center weight?

From your list, there are not too many to worry about. I don’t know for sure that I’d go for the Superstar Classic or Civility… but Genesis, Summit, Avalanche, Bonfire, Cowboy… Movitation…! Lots of great choices!

Not on your list that I always jump to recommend is the TooHOT. Fantastic yoyo.

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Hubstack Genesis ;D Of course removing the stacks will help with that centerweight but may as well just get one of the other iterations of it

I’m all for grabbing a 7075 or genesis ss but unfortunately they’re out of stock. Same with the citrus ones.

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Gotcha! Since “w/ or w/o hubstacks” was mentioned I was just picturing the ones without hubstacks. I think even the hubstacked one is still considered hecka rim-weighted, though. :slight_smile: The center mass is “added”, not taking away from the impressive rims of the Genesis family!

I am looking forward to my 63g Genesis, on the topic of Genesis…es… that should be all kinds of fun!

I went for the YYO Nifty - I like the size (same diameter on paper as the 86400 and JPX), the bearing looks interesting, it seems well reviewed, and it’s significantly cheaper than what I was considering. (shout out to sparhawk for the suggestion)

At some point I’ll need to pick up a Space Cowboy. And a JPX. Oh and a Deep Space Summit. Gaah I want them all!

Thanks for the help!

I’ll probably be looking for another throw by then lol. I’m all about supporting small businesses too, so you’ve certainly got my attention. How much will it’s debut price be?

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The Nifty is so great! I LOVE that yoyo.