Cheap Throw Suggestions?

I sold all my good throws not too long ago for a cause. I just picked up one of my cheap old yoyos and had more fun than I remembered so… now I want something decent again.

I’m looking to stay under $30 shipped (less is better) for a 1A metal throw, and I anticipate using the BST. My favorite was a YYF CzechPoint Pivot, so something similar or even oversized (though those all seem expensive) would be cool. I prefer power even if it comes at the cost of weight. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Sounds like a chance to shill my wares
I’ve a ragnarok (red), gravitation 4 (rainbow splash), and riyong 7075 (blue in top row) for monos. The ragnarok and riyong in particular have a fair bit of power to them thanks to the 7075 alu and thick rims.
Alternatively, I could cut you a deal on an SS hybrid or bimetal

Retail wise, absolutely go for the shortcut. It’s a powerhouse for a mono. I personally prefer the st overlap but it’s not available in NA retailers (though both are above your limit by a tad)


The Yoyofriends’ Shortcut is getting a new release, now with an 8mm axle (vs 7mm).

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New magicyoyo V10 is pretty nice.

Duncan Roadrunner
Duncan Echo 2
Duncan Windrunner
iYoyo Shooting Star
Duncan Freehand One
Shuriken Roppo
C3 Speedaholic XX
Plastic Cheatcode
C3 Cyber Crash 2

Second the V10.

R2fg recluse and halberd. $20 each can’t go wrong.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Someone has hooked me up with what I believe will be a great fit - can’t wait!

Grabbed a Recluse because of you :joy:. Im just starting to bond with it. I was more luke warm yesterday lol. Its nice! Grabbed it in pink.

The V10 and the V8 go on sale for 50%off on Amazon really regularly. Both good options for the price, style is mostly preference.

Shooting star 100%

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Speedaholic XX >> Shooting Star. Fight me everybody :joy:.

(Unresponsive obviously)

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Right on! I’ll definitely be getting another at some point. When I first got it. I wasn’t blown away by it at all, just thought it was nice. But over time as I spent more and more time with it, and as I accumulated more n more yo-yos, I would I would go back to it once in awhile, sometimes even completely forget that I had it cuz it just doesn’t stand out in the overcrownded case. When I really figured out how good it reaaly was was when I had amassed a collection of around 50-60 yo-yos and trying all these different designs, I would eventually always go back to the recluse because of how reliable and consistent it felt. I knew it was always gna be dead smooth, and dead silent, and I realized I really liked that shape too after throwing so many others, so it made me appreciate that as well. But the point is that over time I realized how well it stacked up to so many other yo-yos and I would forget it was only $20. And then it has that crazy awesome engraving too! Idk how they put that out for that cheap. Anyway glad u got one. Lmk how u feel about it in a couple months. Hopefully I didn’t raise expectations too high cuz that would actually be counterproductive to this yo-yos strength. The reason I feel the way I do is precisely cuz I underestimated it’s quality and performance based on cost. Maybe that’s the best way to go in honestly. So if anyone else buys it. Just tell urself ur getting a peice of junk. :man_shrugging::laughing:


@Yoyomikie I mean it trended up from day one to day two. Im sure it will keep going in that direction i keep grabbing it already and i got way too many new throws, good ones too, so thats a good sign. Im still on a quest to find a beater yoyo i dont actually mind beating up once i get my hands on it. The recluse is def really nice.

For me it was like, hmmm not sure if its all Mikie said it is. Then i was like, hmmmm maybe Mikie is on to something :thinking::laughing:.

I scored a 50% off V8 though, so i think that will be the beater to protect the recluse and the sharks i got from slestak :joy:. A beater for my “beaters.”

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Yeah I feel u on the beater. I used to struggle with that term cuz I’d get a new throw even if it was used and I just can’t fathom the idea of being wreckless with it or not caring if I ding it. But I realized I don’t think people are being intentionally wreckless they probably just aren’t being overly cautious, thereby allowing themselves to truly throw the Yoyo the way they’re meant to be throw. For fun. Without worry. Tho I do still struggle with that sometimes. Sometimes to my detriment in terms of haunting my progress

I really like the Iyoyo Shooting Star and a Replay pro is cheap but very cool. If you are really searching for something metal, something from Magicyoyo will do the trick (literally) :sweat_smile: :yo-yo:

I actually compared them head to head directly…Shooting Star wins for me. The fingerspin dimple is the only real thing that sets it apart for me though. In play I did not really notice much of a difference. But the Shooting Star spins on my finger for about twice a long.

I mostly blame this on my fat sausage fingers though. Trying the Speedaholic on my pinky made it do much better.

Mostly they’re interchangable for me though.

Yeah for sure! I have them both too, but i run the shooting star responsive since they are so similar anyway. At least for now since its modern responsive March, im hoping for a good trick set list for it. Both are great so its probably mostly preference.

I did notice the shooting star seems to spin faster. I cant measure that more than just feel. If so thats probably helping the finger spins.

Bith of these plastics or the V8 or V10 are all top tier beginner yoyos. I know youre a fan of the 10 not sure if you tried the 8. I do the same plit with those. The 10 as unresponsive and 8 as responsive.

Haven’t been able to get my hands on the V8. Since I’m in Europe buying from amazon is a hassle (it’s not available on amazon Europe) and the aliexpress store has a huge markup.

I only bought the V10 because it fits so nicely in my orange teal collection.

Would love to try a V8 though I’ve heard good things.

Yeah that colorway looks SICK while spinning!

Id say they are comparable for sure. I kinda like the 10 more but its a bit of a tossup based on shape preference too and if you want the fingerspin hub or a responsive setting. I was on the might as well get both train since i paid like $18 total for them lol.

Its hard to keep recommending the plastics to beginners now that these two are out for half the price basically.