new metal throw advice

hey. i’ve recently been thinking about purchasing a new metal throw and im having a hard time deciding what one to get. there’s just so many. right now i’m using a chaser and it’s great. it’s really good for learning new tricks. what i want next though, is a nice metal throw. I’m not looking to spend too much money though (probably around $60 at the most). i’d appreciate all the help i could get on this!

There’s the Dv888 which is really good but undersized so I don’t know if you would like that.

The Yuuksta is $65, but it’s one of my favorite yoyos. It’s also undersized but I really like it.

The Dark Magic 2 is also great. It can be responsive or unresponsive and can take you all the way from beginner to master. It’s full sized. It’s not fully metal though.

Those are just the one’s I have. And what’s your size preference?

Since you are using the chaser now, assuming you would like something similar to it, I would recommend the meteor, or if you have a large budget, then you can try the phenom.

The Yuuksta is my favorite $60 and under metal.

thanks guys ill def check those ones out. i was thinking one around the same size as the chaser. also, some throws i’ve been considering are one of the zens and if i hear good things about it, the recrev oscillitrix. it’s a little bit more pricey then i’d hope but it comes with a koncave bearing which is a big plus for me. anybody know anything about those two throws?

All recrev throws are generally pretty good, and if you dont like it i’ll buy it off ya :wink:

haha yea thats what ive heard bout recrev. i’ve still gotta get a little better before i throw down a the money for a nice metal one so it’ll prolly be a little while till i get one. i’m just tryin to make my choice a little easier when that day comes

I don’t know if you are willing to get a used throw, but if you are I would suggest looking at the buy sell trade forums. There are many great prices and deals on yoyos there.

yea i was thinkin about lookin there too. ill have to do a little more research and keep checkin back there to see if theres anything i like being sold at the moment. im just trying to get an idea of what ind i wanna get

There is also the Duncan drifter but its undersized. For 60 tho you can make it unresponsive and have money left and its a great learning yoyo (cheap enough to if you ding it, and you will, you won’t care). DV888 is something that is hugely popular from yoyofactory and a sure buy. Again undersized. Shinwoo’s are nice and within your price range. There’s a bunch of God tricks yoyo for good prices but I don’t know much about them. Recrev, c3 di base, or hspin are all solid and around that range. another option is save $10 more bucks to put you in a better range with shipping to get one of many yyf’s for sale at $65. Well vood luck and happy throwin’

RecRevs are nice, I own 2 of them (No.9 and SCLB).

If you like the profile of the Chaser (I love my Chaser btw) and want to save up a bit more, there is the YYJ Next Level, unofficially known as the “Metal Chaser.”

The Duncan Metals are nice as well (Echo, Raptor…never played a Metropolis but I assume they’re decent as well).

Di Base. Plays like a premium throw at $55.

thanks a lot guys ill def check out all of those