Buying my first metal... suggestions?

Hey guys, as stated in three topic I’m looking to upgrade to my first metal throw. I’ve made incredible progress with my First Base and Skyva, but it’s time to make an upgrade. I’ve looked over thousands of reviews and recommendations, but the options are overwhelming. Let me give you a run-down if what I’m looking for.

Price range: around $100
Not a YYF (just not interested)
Good for chopsticks (the others are too large?)
Good for grinds
Not a V-shape.

Can you help a fellow out?


Anything that looks cool.
Any suggestions are just based on preferences, so get what you think looks cool.
A couple of my suggestions: Yoyofriends Magpie, SF Cadence ES, CLYW Kayak

I would recommend YYF too, any reasons why not?

I played with my friends Replay Pro and I’ve messed around with a Shutter. They were alright, I just wasn’t super impressed for these big name throws.

Is that the only metal yoyo you’ve played with?

Literally any yoyo on this site fitting your criteria will work. It’s all about preference once you exceed the $35-$40 mark. There’s no discernible difference in play quality across the board. My personal favorite that you described would be the 2Sick Grandmaster. It has the carefree style of the A-rt Grail with the performance of a bimetal.


Yes, very briefly.

What about diameter for chopsticks? I am probably just not good at it yet, but wouldn’t a smaller throw make it easier to hit? I always hit my fingers because the gap between them is so tight by comparison to the size of the Skyva.

A smaller diameter helps, but isn’t necessary. I’ve done chopsticks with a 420 with no trouble. I have large fat man hands though so ymmv.


Got a Pickaxe up for grabs if you want it. Slide into them DMs if you’re interested. Smaller diameter, not too powerful, nice smooth finish for grinds. Porygoner colorway. WELL under your budget.

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One Drop Top Deck.

(You’ll thank me later)


Circle city hero is amazing


I second the Top Deck. One of my favorite yoyos ever


If you’re throwing a hundred wing wangs at a metal throw try a Duncan Grasshopper GTX. It’s a fantastic player.


Link to the BST post?

SF Statement. Absolutely fits all your requests.

Under $100
Obviously not an SF
Smaller than usual diameter
Amazing for grinds
Bell shape

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The GTX is absolutely insane, especially for the price.

My personal favorite right now, which would also fit your chopsticks criteria (it’s slightly on the smaller side of the current design philosophy), is the Trident.


Come up with the extra $40 and get yourself a Ti Vayder.


But he wants something that can actually grind.

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Also there are some killer suggestions in here, so I will absolutely not be offended if you go another route, lol. Just couldn’t miss the opportunity to plug shamelessly.

I can cut you a deal two within your budget as well if you want.


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Many good suggestions, thanks to all! Still open to others.

The Grasshopper looks really cool, and I know that Duncan makes good yoyos, but i had a butterfly and the name Duncan kinda skeeves me out a bit.