First metal yoyo

Hi! I was looking for my first metal and I saw those. Does somebody has a recommendation between those (I know there is a lot! :slight_smile: ).

Aero-yo Droid
Aero-yo Rocket

Yoyofactory Shutter
Yoyo factory Dv888

Duncan Raptor
Duncan Metropolis
Duncan Echo

Yoyo officer Fit
Yoyo officer Crayon
Yoyo officer Aura

Top yo Double zero

God-trick Bounty Hunter
God-trick Return

Weerd Minute

Magic yoyo N12


do you know how to bind? I’d go for the Shutter if you do.

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Since usually first metals get dinged up. I’d go for a Magic Yoyo. What is your price range?

There isn’t a wrong choice out of what you posted, in my opinion. Be prepared to accept the fact that this yo-yo is going to take a lot of damage. The less you invest, the less you stand to lose if you don’t like it.


get the cheapest one, I also recommend these throws they are cheap, durable, and great beginning throws

free hand zero: Its a classic gets you to learn all the basic 1a and 3a tricks remove a sticken and make it unresponsive, durable, comes with counter weight for 5a

magic yoyo T5: its fast, has a great shape, metal, and under 20 bucks

yoyojam XLR8: has plastic rims so can take damage better, great shape, can learn finger spins on

Werrd hour: durable due to 7075 aluminum, great shape, excellent colors

Just to be precise I’m working on the last tricks of advanced part 2 so yes I know how to bind. My budget is around 50$, I like H profile shape, V shape, inverse round shape and flat rim shape (pretty much all of them except the round shape) , I’m particularly addict to grinds including the thumb grind so a yoyo that grind well, I like not to light not to heavy yoyos… And that’s it.

Not many of us have played all of those.

I have a Minute, and I can tell you this: I haven’t played a better grinding yoyo at ANY price. The finish is simply astounding, and there’s a usable IGR as well. As an extra bonus, the small spikes are quite usable for “matador”.

Some of those options are not particularly grind-friendly (like the Shutter… though they’re releasing a blasted Shutter within a few weeks).

My full view of the Minute can be found near the top of the “reviews” section of this site. The response not being flush or recessed is about my only gripe.

The Shutter will be grindable?

It will be when the next run becomes available.

I think I’ll get the shutter.

I can totally suggest it. Are you going to wait for the blasted ones or just get one now?

I need to get a blasted one… Omg yes :smiley:


I’d recommend the minute, shutter or a magic yoyo

Those are fairly inexpensive, high quality and Great way to get introduced to metals and if you get some dings and dents it won’t be so bad. These three are top players in their price brackets and play like more expensive yoyos.

Happy hunting and enjoy what ever you pick up!

Just pick up a used throw off the BST. I can guarentee you’ll be beating up your first metal and you can get something priced much higher for cheaper if it has a couple marks already. You also won’t be worried about babying the throw if it already has damage

Just remember you don’t truly own your yoyo until you ding it a few times. :slight_smile: