First metal recommendations


First let me point out that I’m a beginner. I have YYF Velocity and Yomega Crossfire. I’d really like to get a decent all metal YoYo.
I’m working my way through the intermediate 1A tricks and can’t seem to get the spin times with what I have.
I’d like something stable and would like to stay under $65.
Of course I’ve read a lot about the Shutter lately but is there something a little more forgiving or would that be a good choice?


Shutter is a great choice along with CZM8 and Horizon. All of these offer great spin times and plays amazing for their price tag. I would also recommend the Duncan Strix and Torque as both are great throws as well. Ultimately, its up to you, so read the descriptions of yoyos and decide which you like and suits you :slight_smile:


My personal favorite is the 86400

It’s on the bigger side like the horizon

The bigger throws just tend to play more interestingly to me. Also the bigger size will make string hits slightly easier but it can make some stuff like chopstick harder so there’s a tradeoff.

I also love the stepped shape profile of the torque so have to give that guy a shoutout:

normally thinner yoyos are more stable and easier to use to I have to toss out the octave since it’s such a good performing yoyo

People also love the level 6 and C3 is one of my favorite companies:

Then there’s the shutter which has proven itself as a good yoyo:

But with the money you’re spending I’d probly grab a shu-ta since it’s the 7075 improved version which will be more durable due to the upgraded aluminum:

The last one I wanted to toss out was the benchmark H since the added rim weight helps with the stability and the side effects make it so you don’t have to worry about stripping the yoyo:


Thanks for the advice! Not to drag it out but given the choice should I go with a smaller gap size?
I was also looking at the Werrd Minute, YYO Fit, Lava, Yaeger. It would be nice to able to try them but There’s no club around and the only retail is ToysRUs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty new to anything crazier than a Duncan Imperial. I started about 2 months ago learning 1A tricks and when the Horizon came out I decided to get one. It was a huge improvement over my Yomega Maverick and Magic T8, and I love it to death. You wont be disappointed if you go that way and you’ll have enough money left over for some kitty string haha.


The fit and minute are more undersized which I would recommend against to a beginner unless they know it fits their play style since it can make horizontal style stuff a lot harder in my experience

The jaeger falls into the big yoyo family like the 86400 and horizon but I find the latter ones better. The lava is a pretty nice yoyo though and is also worth considering. I also wouldn’t worry too much about the gap size since once again that’s more preference than anything until you start getting into the really advanced stuff.


Everything mentioned here so far are good options.

I’d also consider the MagicYoyo N12. They tend to cost between $20-$30 and play surprisingly well - I’d consider it to be just a TINY step below the shutter. Great first metal to check out.


Since you are a beginner, you may not know exactly what you want in a yoyo yet. I suggest the One-Drop Benchmark H as mentioned above. It comes with One-Drop’s side effect axle system that allows you to swap out side effects, giving the yoyo a different feel and play.
When you know what you want in a yoyo (Floaty or solid, slow or fast), then you can make better decisions about what you want based on your preferences.


I know you said full metal, but hear me out. I have 65+ metals and I can honestly tell you I can do literally any trick on a protostar as well if not better than on any metal I own. I didn’t really even start using metals until I started learning “master” tricks, but even those I can perform on a protostar. To be honest, metals ding very very easily, and are not as durable or replaceable as plastics. Wherever I go I stuff a protostar in my pocket. As far as all metals go, I haven’t tried a metal under $60 that performs on par with a protostar, so I cant really say. If you MUST have an all metal, I would recommend saving up and buying a superstar or genesis.


I’d recommend a shutter or a czm8. If you’re really willing to spend $65 I’d splurge and get a shu-ta. Its a shutter(Which is an amazing yoyo) thats been upgraded to be even better.


You mean I’d much recommend a shutter or a czm8. So if you’re really much willing to spend $65 I’d splurge and get a shu-ta. Its a shutter(Which is a so wow yoyo) thats been so much upgraded to be even such better wow.