YoYoFactory Popstar

I was wondering if the YoYoFactory Popstar was a good yoyo to start learning advance yoyo tricks. I also have a budget and that would fit. I was looking for a metal yoyo. Please give any others you think will be good for this.


Its tiny and spin time/stability wont help you learn tricks in any way.

Its more of a practice yoyo…


I recomend at a low price-

God Tricks Bounty Hunter


I agree with Maddog. I can’t really speak on the shutter cause I’ve only used one for about ten minutes, but from the short time I was using it, it was great. The DV888 was my first all metal and one of my all time favorites for this reason. It’s a great throw that you can advance and grow with with not too bad of a price tag. In my opinion, either of these choices would be great.


Get a Shutter. The national title was just won on it an it’s cheap enough that you can beat the crap out of it.

The lower price throw I mastered the bind and the first real unresponsive tricks was the Zeekio Space Monkey. I think it cost me about $35. If you’re fine with potential Chinese drawbacks, then MagicYoYo N9 and Aodo Free King will fetch you a price that you’ll be happy with. These both cost me under $15. If you shop, you’ll find good deals.

Its the best yoyo I tried under $50. I’ve only tried it 3 times, fit about half an hour each though :’(

No. It’s small and unstable, it won’t help you learn anything. It’s a fun one to mess with but you shouldn’t use it to learn or compete with.

What’s your budget? I recommend the Shutter.



Even cheaper?


Want to grind a little bit?

God Tricks Freedom.


Get a Magic YoYo.

Want to stick to YYE?

Alpha Crash.

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I feel it is a good yoyo to learn on because it forces you to be better because it is harder to do tricks. Along with being such a cheap yoyo. If it isn’t your first then atleast have one in your collection it really helps with practicing string hits

Give a budget. I wouldn’t recommend the Popstar. I personally hate it. However, having a tiny yoyo like this is good for really dialing in accuracy. Even so, I’d recommend something else based on my biases. I’d rather play my Aoda Littles.

For now, I think spending MORE will give you much better results closer to what you are actually aiming for, unless you’re actually aiming for a small metal yoyo.

Not to steal sales from YYE, but a Magic T5 would be great and under $20, sometimes even under $10 for the same thing. Sticking with full metals, the YYF dv888 is another yoyo I’m not super fond of but even being undersized, it’s a decent yoyo, just not an ideal fit for me. The Shutter for roughly the same price, add to that a CenterTrac, that’s probably one of the best values you’re gonna get.

Other great values would be the Raptor, Strix, DiBase II, even stuff by God Tricks and YoYofficer. It comes down to how much do you have to spend. Having the money to spend doesn’t mean it all needs to be spent though. But, you’re clearly at the $30 and under budget, so your options are severely limited.

Magic YoYo N12. Yes, that’s what you need.

Hell no!

Definitely don’t go with the Popstar. For a first metal, I would go with a Raptor. I loved mine when I could still play with it, and it’s a great metal for your first one, or just over all. The Shutter would also be good too. I haven’t tried it personally, but I’ve heard great reviews and it was used to win Nats, so I would assume it would pretty good. :smiley: