One Drop Rally or YYF Shutter First?


I am getting both, just not at the same time. I have mastered every trick in beginner, intermediate and advanced part 1. I want to learn to play faster and work on slack tricks more. I am also thinking about the YYF protostar and C3 speedaholic. Which one should i get first, or if you have any other yoyo suggestions please share. Around $50 or less is my price range, little bit more is ok.

Don’t know where this came from but this is my dream yoyo.

Also, should i cut my hair?


I would go with the shutter.


Get the Shutter… and cut your hair.


Can’t go wrong with any of them. I would pass on the speedaholic but that’s just me. I would probably go with the rally. I like the specs more.


I’d recommend the shutter first, even though I like the Rally more.


Shutter is a fantastic first metal. Highly recommended. Rally is great as well, but I’d recommend shutter first.



Another one is the level 6 great throw


Cough cough the new Yoyofficers are amazing cough cough.


There’s many throws $50 and under that might fit you…
One Drop Rally
YYF Delrin Severe, Shutter, CZM8, Protostar, and Northstar
Duncan Echo 2 and Strix
Over half of YOYOFFICER’s throws are $50 and under and could probably kick butt in comps
C3YoYoDesign Level 6 and Di Base
Werrd Minute
If you’re willing to go to the $60-$70 range there’s even more
Werrd Hour and 86400
RecRev Sine//Saw Octave 1 and Silly Goose
There’s also a ton more that I probably didn’t list that’s from $35-$70 so maybe buy what u want or explore the smaller companies


Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with many of the recommendations. Low price yoyos are becoming more and more popular for a reason, many companies are just putting out wonderful quality for minimal costs.


Thanks everyone right now I’m leaning toward the Rally because is it plastic. I’m still exploring the mass inventory of yoyoexpert! So many great yoyos.

what about the sOMETHING Addiction?

Do I really want a plastic? haha


Plastics are more durable but GENERALLY, metals are better because you can distribute the weight better and all that good stuff. That’s why all the high end yoyos, the best yoyos, are all metal. Personally I’d recommend the Shutter. Not just because it’s metal but the Rally was kind of a bland yoyo to me. It plays good, but it was just bland, not a very fun yoyo IMO.


YEah, seems like shutter is the way to go and now i can get it with the center track installed.