Best Yo-Yo Under $50.00

I have a YYF Velocity right now and am trying to decide what my next yo-yo should be. I can bind easily and like a a yo-yo that will ONLY come up by binding.

There are many great ones in your price range, but the YYF Shutter is a great choice. It spins FOREVER, is very very stable, and only comes up with a bind (meaning it is unresponsive.)

I do not have one, but, from all that I have read Shutter is the way to go.

Rally. 'Tis magniflourious. Smooth, stable just a beautiful all around player.

The new czm8 looks cool not my shape but looks cool its cheap too


Started out with a velocity as well. :slight_smile:
I would go for CZM8 or Shutter because you can get a centertrac with them.

The Shutter is awesome! Get one with a center track in it and you’ll be set!

You left out the:
Level 6

Would consider these as well

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Thanks for adding some more contenders… looks like I had overlooked some great yoyos.
New Contenders:
Level 6

You could also take a look at the N12 and XLR8

Personally I’d choose between level 6 or shutter if I wanted a metal yoyo and choose between the rally and addiction if I wanted plastic. If I wanted the best deal I’d probly pick up an N12.

Totally agree here. The OD rally is by far one of the best, if not, the best throw under 50. It plays magnificently. It’s really worth checking out.

Really leaning towards the Rally… I can’t find any real complaints on it and it seems like it would be pretty nice for thumb grinds and finger spins. Anyone know a rough estimate of spin time? Or if a certain edition is better than another?

You left out the YoYofficer Jaeger (which could fingerspin btw), Aura (more fingerspinning), Fit, and the Kilter
I would include the crayon since it’s supposed to be under 50…

Look into the onedrop benchmark series I have a orange v shape benchmark plays great

I really don’t want to go over $50.00 right now… I mean I only started in December and I can’t yet see a need for anything over fifty. Will definately look into the benchmark series for my 50-100 price range in three or four months or whenever I need a longer sleep time for combos.

Shutter is the way to go. Don’t hesitate. Unless you really enjoy the colors on a different throw more than the available Shutter colors. The Shutter is amazing.

I’m inclined to say
Level 6

Four of the best.

I know the Rally is usa made, what about the Shutter? Also is one less “grippy”? I hate it when I try to do grinds and tricks like rewind and my Velocity grabs the string and flys back to my hand.

Both rally and shutter are hands down better than a velocity, as good as the velocity is. I’m inclined to say that neither is really grippy… They’re both really great.

Shutter is machined in china I believe but I think everything else like the ano, lasering, packaging, and testing is done here in the USA but I’m not 100% sure. Normally the first run of any yyf throw is the USA made edition and they do that until they’ve perfected the throw and then they have china make it.