Yayyy birthday soon! Suggestions needed.

My birthdays soon, and my grandpa said that he would get me a 30-50 dollar yoyo. I know. Not that much. But still, I’m sure that theres something that will make me happy with that money. I’m thinking about the shutter, but I’m not sure. My favorite throw currently is the g funk, but that’s just because its my only metal. Since that is undersized, I think that I want to try a full sized metal (or atleast not super small like the g funk.) I want something as stable as it can get at that price. I also want something grindable. I want to learn thumb grinds and finger spins. I also think that finger grinds are cool. Thank you!

Shoot wrong section!

Thebshutter is really good. It seems like it’s going to spin forever. I didn’t like the color I tried, though (red and black)

I hear the raptor is really great too.

I have a shutter. It is great for finger spins and thumb grinds. It is also stable. Happy B-day.(soon) :slight_smile:

I tried a shutter and it fells like a high end metal so for the low price of $50 GET THE SHUTTER ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

the shutter is great… the rally is great… the Magicyoyo N12 is pretty great too and from what ive heard it grinds well. so there are some options, i´m sure there are lots more

Get the shutter. It’s good for thumb grinds and fingerspins and is about as good as it gets at the sub-$50 range.

When’s your birthday? I got a finger spin tutorial coming out in a week or two, you could learn it as another reward for your b-day :slight_smile:

Werrd Minute seems great.

Shutter is an amazing throw for the price. Definitely worth twice the price.

Oh and I want to add that the only Yoyo companies Ive tried are yomega, YYF, cheap YYJ, and cheap duncan. I think that I would prefer YYF because i know that I liked some of their yoyos, but offer whatever (c sized bearing throws) you want that fit my preferences.

Haha thanks! Its Oct. 8th. ;(so a good 21 days)

Just get a Shutter. :wink:

I’d wait because you never know what could be released for nats

Shutter is pretty freaking awesome. I loved it.

Mines a week after yours ;D

When is nats?

Cool! My sisters birthday is the 15th.

Oh and something else that I want with this yoyo- i want it to have really good binds. Like even right after I silicone my G funk i can’t do suicide bind. It just doesn’t bind. Same with the laceration bind. I have to hit the loop into the bearing to get it to bind.

I vote for the Rally. I haven’t thrown a Shutter, but so far, the Rally is the only throw I have that is super stable, and didn’t cost over $100 when new.

Oh, and my birthday is at the end of this month, but I doubt I’ll get any throws. If I asked for them, my wife would find out how much money I’ve spent on throws, and then I’d be in trouble :smiley:

Also, is the shuuter good for regens and horizontal? They aren’t that big of a deal, I’m jus curious.