What is your opinion of this messaging to a non-yoyoer that has expressed interest in our hobby?

Increasingly I’m being asked advise on how to get into yoyoing.
Enough so that I want to keep a canned message ready when asked.

What is your opinion of this messaging (below) to a non-yoyoer that has expressed interest?
Is it too much? Is is missing anything?

My thoughts regarding inexpensive entry into yoyoing…

If you’re not sure you’re player is interested (or going to stick with it) I would buy this:

First yoyo: YYF Replay Pro
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yoyofactory/products/yyf-replay-pro-yoyo?_pos=2&_sid=e58ca75f6&_ss=r&variant=18874531588
Price: $15.99

Buy some Strings: 25 Pack - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/25-pack-100-polyester-yoyoexpert-string?_pos=2&_sid=b43930f61&_ss=r&variant=27636977992
Price: $4.99

If you decide the player is going to stick with the hobby, they’re several weeks in. They’ve learned to bind. They are continuing to practice. Their family should either be distinctly proud or embarrassed of the yoyoing at this point. I would recommend buying :

First metal yoyo: YYF Shutter
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yoyofactory/products/shutter-yoyo-by-yoyofactory?_pos=1&_sid=df22c8ede&_ss=r&variant=18872907652
Price: $44.99

There are tons of excellent first metal yoyos I could enthusiastically recommend. (Not just the Shutter) For an extra $10 (if the player does NOT have small hands) I would recommend the YYF Shutter Wide Angle rather than the YYF Shutter. But either is an excellent choice.

OR Alternative First metal yoyo: YYF Shutter Wide Angle
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yoyos/products/wide-angle-shutter-yoyo-by-yoyofactory?_pos=1&_sid=3d8cad388&_ss=r&variant=16068967530570
Price: $54.99

You now have everything you need to assert yourself as a yoyoer (above). There’s no rush… but you will likely need a few minor accessories over time to maintain your yoyos (or throws as their known in the biz) :

Bearing Lube: YoyoJam Lube (THIN)
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yoyojam-lube?_pos=2&_sid=b91087a49&_ss=r&variant=18870462724
Price: $5.00

Bearing Removal Tool: YYF- Multitool
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yoyofactory-multi-tool?_pos=1&_sid=49b9624a6&_ss=r&variant=18871121796
Price: $5.99

Yoyo Holster: iYoyo Holder
Link: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yo-yo-holders/products/iyoyo-holder?variant=1562893942792
Price: $6.00

A few final thoughts that I wish I knew when I started :

  • Cheap yoyos on ebay (and some on Amazon) are utter garbage no matter how they look. Buy from a good yoyo site (like YoYoExpert)

  • One good ~$50 Yoyo is all you ever need to have fun and progress. Collecting is fine (and fun) but it will not make you play any better. Only PRACTICE will.

  • There are fantastic tutorials everywhere, look for beginner and intermediate videos as well as the professionals… I probably learn more from watching the other hobbyists (like myself) than I do the professionals

  • Using YouTube or a videoplayer (like SMPlayer) slow down tricks and tutorials to learn. Here’s an example where I took a 10 second trick in a video and slowed it down in increments so I could study and learn it: https://www.antonizick.com/Augie.Fash.Yoyo.Move.2.Study.mp4

  • When yoyoing in a public place have (or use) a yoyo yo don’t mind scratching up on the ground. People and kids will be interested and want to try yoyoing. Then they will immediatly smash your yoyo onto the ground. You job is to smile, tell them it’s OK… you don’t mind, and be a good ambassador to the hobby.


I’d reduce those string numbers. First yo yo, buy a 25 pack of string (consistency and all that), but on that Shutter purchase I’d get a couple samplers.

The new thrower (tosser) is already decent and making a commitment with a 50-60 dollar purchase. They likely have a bunch of that 25 pack left. When purchasing the shutter and advancing your skills, branch it and find “your” string. Just my 2 bits.

That response sounds like a winner. It lets them know all the pertinent info, is concise, and is humorous in proportion. Well done!

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I love how you’re throwing “tosser” in there casually like it’s already an accepted term to convince people it is. I admire the dedication and technique.


I just wouldn’t reccommend a Shutter as a first yoyo anymore these days. The Shutter has been historically recommended because it was the best bang for buck at the time (2013-14). That no longer applies. There are many yoyos just as good or better for cheaper on the store.

I fear people will be recommending the Shutter as a first metal for the next 10 years. No doubt it’s a good yoyo, just outdated in price and performance.

No. Sure some are, but if you have some basic knowledge of yoyo design and standardized parts, you can get a good yoyo from those sites. Just expect no customer support.

Buying from Yoyoexpert definitely does ensure a good quality yoyo and excellent after sales support, though!

Your idea of a ‘canned’ message for beginners is really good though, and there’s lots of great info there.

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I’d reduce those string numbers. First yo yo, buy a 25 pack of string (consistency and all that), but on that Shutter purchase I’d get a couple samplers.

Good point , thanks. Done.

Thanks Durfee, What first metal would you recommend?

2 things:

1.) I would recommend the magic yoyo N12 as the first yoyo. It is the same price as the replay, and is superior in every way. Plus it comes a glove, bag and 5 strings.

2.) I wouldn’t bother recommending a holster. By the time someone is carrying around a yoyo in public they will already be serious about it.

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  1. He’s not Durfee
  2. I don’t think you can make a specific recommendation nowadays. It’s very hard to pick one. The Shutter isn’t a bad recommendation, it’s just not uniquely better anymore. That being said, I’d say it’s still a good recommendation because it’s Gentry’s sig, and Gentry is the world yoyo champion, and that makes it more attractive because it has a big player’s name on it, and that can make a surprising difference in how enthusiastic people are. So pretty much any yoyo with a popular player’s name behind it is a good choice imo.

I am though. :wink: And I agree with @Glenacius_K that there are enough options out there that are quality at that price range that you should explore more options.

I don’t think it’s outdated in performance, but I do think it’s no longer the standout of budget metals around that price.

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Gentry seems to think so. I don’t see why the Wide Angle, the Wide Angle Champions Edition or the Bimetal Shutter would exist otherwise.

I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it. Just because there’s an Edge 1.5 and an Edge Beyond and an Edge Monster and a Ko’olau Edge and an Edge Ultimate doesn’t mean the OG Edge is outdated. If you’ve been playing with the same yoyo for years, you’re obviously gonna want a change. Gentry stuck with the shutter for quite a bit. Yoyofactory still sells it at the same price as it was originally sold. I as a Shutter owner, don’t see how it’s outdated compared to the other yoyo models out there. It’s still a stable yoyo by today’s standards.


If we’re evaluating based on completely maximizing power, stability and catch zone then I guess, but then most monometals are outdated, as are a good chunk of less efficient bimetal designs. If it’s based on having enough of those attributes to learn and execute modern tricks without struggling it’s completely adequate. My Shutter is basically on par with my death adder 2 for spin time and stability.

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My Yoyo is reddish.

Actually the most I participate in yo-yoing is to read the posts on this forum. Thank you for the e-mails starting out saying, “A brief summery…”. They have me coming back for more hence the “My Yoyo is reddish.” comment hoping to cause the e-mails to keep coming.

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My evaluation for comparison would be to compare the price with regards to performance/feel, ano quality, machining complexity and quality, and QC issues like vibe. Id say that the performance/feel category is the most subjective, as basically any yoyo on the market is capable (for the most part) of executing modern 1A tricks. As far as being outdated, id say it would be more about a yoyo not reflecting its price point rather than having a lack of performance, since a lot of newer throws are designed with “retro” specs. Personally I think the Shutter is priced just about right considering other comparatively priced yoyos, but if it used to be a “great bang for it’s buck”, id say it no longer is. I don’t think there is a definitive sub-$50 rec. I might consider recommending one of the newer cheap Duncans like the Wind Runner, though ive never played one.

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