Back Again (looking for first metal)


So a little over a month ago I came here for advice because I wanted to get into throwing, and I ended up (thanks to all of you) buying the replay pro and the first base and I love them and am getting my binds down pretty well and moving on to bigger and better things and its all quite exciting.

Now, I’m excited about this yo-yo thing and my birthday is in a few months. I decided I’d start looking for my first metal, stick a picture of it above my desk, and do the whole “spare change and a portion of my work money every week goes into a jar until I can buy this” thing.

But man, there are A LOT of metals out there. The absolute most I can stretch my budget is $70 and even that’s pushing it.

These are what I was looking at:
the C3 Level 6
YoYoOfficer Musket
YoYoOfficer Hatchet 2
YYF Shutter (very popular, I know)
YYF Czech Point
YYF Aviator

I guess my questions are:
which of these would be good as a first metal and why?
what are the different characteristics of these yoyos?
are there any others I should be looking at?
are any of these a terrible idea?

I know its early to be asking, but I like having a tangible end goal in sight and want to understand yoyos better. I realize it’d be best to try them myself, but being in the middle of rural PA, that’s not really an option.


Personally, if I was you, I would look at the too hot and the shutter. Both are very popular, stable, “budget” yoyos that you can learn pretty much anything on.
If you are willing to hit that budget really, really close you can get the 2016 superstar (that’s if Yoyoexpert is still running the deal on them with a purchase of another yoyo factory).
Honestly at this point in your yoyoing career minor performance differences aren’t a big deal. Choose something that you think looks cool. If it looks good, you will be more happy and more likely to keep throwing :slight_smile:


Shutter is a great first metal yoyo. Great price for an all around yoyo.


I have thrown all of the yoyos you’ve mentioned and other than the Level 6 (I hated that one) they were all really good yoyos. I would recommend getting one and trying it out. If you wanted another option, I would recommend the YoYoFactory Horizon and YoYoFactory Canon. Since you’re just getting started, you probably don’t have a specific preference since you’ve never tried one. Because of that, I recommend just trying one and when you make more money, try another one. There’s really no way to figure out what kinda styles, shapes, weights, sizes, etc. that you like, so just go for it.


The shutter is one of my favorites, is cheap, and can do just about anything. I would recommend it. (I haven’t tried any of the other ones you listed, so I’m not sure the shutter is the best choice)


I too would recommend a shutter. I’m not the biggest fan of them but they are very good for the price. In fact the very thing I don’t like about them would make it perfect for a beginner. The weight. It is fairly heavy which will aid in learning new tricks.


I figured I’d probably get told to go for the Shutter, but I do want to ask: will it grow with me? Because I have two plastics that are solid for learning tricks and if I’m going to invest in a metal I want to know I’ll still be using it a year from when I buy it. I definitely understand the need for a beginner metal, but I’d also rather have one that takes some growing into than have one that I quickly get bored with…

I mean the Shutter looks great, I just want reassurance on it really being the best choice, I guess? There are just so many yo-yos out there, I’m never going to have money again.


The shutter will be perfect! :slight_smile: it will be a good beginner/ intermediate/ and advanced yoyo :slight_smile: gentry stein won worlds with it a couple years back, so there is always growth you can do with it :slight_smile:


The Shutter can for sure grow with you as you get better over time… It’s a great all-around yoyo.

I myself had the Shutter as my first metal yoyo. Or you can get a CLYW yoyo in a nice colorway :wink:


I recommend MagicYoYo N12 for a beginner. I would say it plays just as well as other $50 yoyos but at a much much much more friendly price (~$15)


Thanks everyone! Shutter it shall be!


Actually, one more question:

I hadn’t looked at OneDrop before - would the Vanguard or Shutter be a better start, do you think?


I’d go with shutter if I were you.