First metal!!!

I’m looking to get my first metal throw. Just trying to get some input on what would be best. Thanks

Plenty of good options to be had but first, a few questions.

  1. Full sized, undersized or mid-sized?
  2. Do you like playing at a slower more chilled pace or are you one of those people who likes to try to hit a million tricks a second?
  3. What sort of shape do you like? H-shape? V-shape? Organic butterfly? Something in between?
  4. And this is a big one, what sort of a budget are you on?

Help us help you make the best choice ^^


Full to mid sized…my speed varies on what what I’m doing…never really thought about shap…and budget isn’t really am issue

C3 Capless.

That thing is a raging beast on a string.


Well, it really depends on your price range and preferences that are listed above ^^^^ .Personally I recommend the Capless by C3YoyoDesign.

I’d say the YYJ Theory. It’s quick and nimble, shape has a great catch zone, not to mention the super awesome Celcon caps, and the nice grind able grooves. Can’t go wrong with the Theory. But of you wanna spring for something equally as great but not as affordable, get a Next Level or Titan3. But those might be a bit too advanced since this is your first metal.

I would suggest either a Magic yoyo N12, Duncan Raptor, Onedrop Burnside, or C3 capless. They’re all amazing yoyos!

Okay, well usually when budget isn’t an issue, I’d go straight for the top shelf stuff from yoyorecreation but that might be overkill for your first metal. A couple of full-sized budget options I can readily recommend:

-C3 Capless ($65)
-C3 Di Base ($55)
-sOMEThING FirMY ($65)

If you’ve got a little more cash to throw around (pun intended), the One Drop CODE 2 ($100) and the Werrd Irony JP ($120) are both amazing players.


Oh man do I remember that first metal! ;D Great, great day. Plastic is great and all but metal, what a treat the first time.

So many really good choices, as you can tell from the previous posts. It’s really hard to go wrong but still possible I guess.

Tell us:

  1. What have you been looking at?
  2. Find any companies interesting?
  3. Do I get a comission? (Didn’t think so :-\ )
  4. Do you like raw yoyo’s or something with a nice anno?
  5. Something rather conventional in shape or a little more unique?
  6. Just share what’s running around in your mind, you know yourself better than we do.

I’ve been looking at the cliff and avalanche…as for company I was looking a one drops and c lodge

If you’re interested in one drop and caribou lodge, might I suggest their collaboration, the Summit?


Cliff is really big for a first metal. I would suggest avalanche. But then again, first metal, I’d look for something a little more budget minded. I think any metal would do fine. My first metal was a Duncan metal drifter, then a Yomega dash, and then a Yomega maverick. All great budget friendly metals.

yuki does it right honestly, ive noticed how helpful you are on the forums bro, just want you to be recognized for your actions. So lets all give yuki a big hand :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: those are clappin emojis hahahha.

On topic,
Yuki is right, there are a lot of good ones to choose from!

You wont really find the right throw for you yet (takes time going through companies and throwing different ones)

Yoyofactory does a good job with cheap metals i recommend them a lot for you even tho i am a clyw supporter. Simply becUse they are cheaper and your first metal will have PLENTY of dings in it. Youll probablyget your first ding in a week. Dont be sad tho, dings are only visible when the throw isnt spinning :wink: idk about you guys but i dont just “show” someone my yoyo… I show them what i can do with it.

It is very sad when you get your first ding tho :frowning:

sorry for dub post i overlook this comment.

I have an avalanche and it is a great throw! Very floaty! Good grinds, forsure worth the price!

Metal drifter and a Maverick are budget but horrible unless modded.

I think like most First Metal, you should go in the 40-50 range.

Duncan Metropolis, Echo, and Raptor are great choices.

The YYF DV888.

A Yoyojam Theory is great player, 60 range.

Lets put it this way, if you like OD and CLYW you have to get the Summit, it’s a combination between a OD cascade and a CLYW Avalanche or Arctic Circle.

In the 60 ish range: YYF G funk Nova Super G

C3 Capless and DIbase

YYJ theory.

That’s about all I can think of that are a great first metal, but First metal should be the DV888 or Raptor, one of the most loved first metals.