Looking for some first metal suggestions.

Hey guys, I don’t normally do this, but there are so many choices that its hard to choose my first all metal throw.

I don’t really picture the yo-yo characteristics in terms of numbers so i will just describe some preferences that i liked and disliked from my yo-yos that i own. As of now i own a YYJ Dark Magic, YYJ Lyn Fury, YYF PGM2, and I have played around with a YYJ Speedmaker.

So ill start with the weight. I didn’t really like the weight of the DM, it feels extremely heavy after a extended throw session. But other than that i don’t have a set preference on weight, But i am thinking something in the range of 64-67 would be a good weight.

For the response i really liked the K-pads that were in my Grind Machine, so far this is my favorite response type.

In terms of diameter, width, and shape i don’t think that i have any set preferences. However i think that i would enjoy a mid-size to undersize throw better.

Budget - $60-$100

Lastly, I’ll list some throws that I have been looking at recently and provide some reasons to why i was looking at them

YYF 2010 G5 - I thought this would be cool to try out the H-shape because i have never tried one yet.
Also i thought that the Z-stacks were cool while they could be customized with rice stacks and even trying out the long tip-top stacks would be interesting.

YYF SEVERE - I’ve heard this is a real solid throw and I like the looks of it.

YYF BOSS - This yo-yo always caught my attention and i think this would be my first undersize throw.

YYF Fundamental line - I’ve heard that these are all really good throws and at a nice price.

So any help would be appreciated guys and thanks in advance for tips and suggestions.

you should get a yyf fundametal line, it’s your first metal, it will hurt a lot when you will ding a boss

h00t BeySick

Based on what you said, either the Boss or something from the Fundametal line would be great. Just look at them to figure out what shape you think you would like best.

Hey man, I remember this decision. I had like the exact same list of preferences you had. I decided to go with the Dv888 for the fundametals line and i’m really glad I did. (it’s been almost my exclusive throw for the past 2-3 months). The shape is kind of different but it does play really well. Maybe give it a look? I’ve been thinking about getting the Boss as well, it’s kind of like a more rounded version to me anyways. If you want to go with something cheaper(I know the 60-100) the fundametals line-up is great. I don’t know if this helps just a small suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback, I am probably going to go with something from the fundamental line and choose the shape that i think i would like the best, I got a protostar coming this weekend so hopefully this new shape will help me to develop some specific preferences.