Intermediate/advanced player looking for a new throw!

Hey guys, I’m new here!
I bought a DV888 way too early into my learning phase so after several months of practicing, needless to say it is now BEAT, but thankfully I no longer hit walls or the ground any more and am now CONSIDERABLY better! haha

Anyway, I’m looking for a yoyo around the same or higher quality that I can afford (under $70)
and since the DV888 and the Velocity are the only two yoyos I have experience with, I don’t really have much to go off of. The only real requirement is that the new yoyo is good with [thumb] grinds, has little to no vibe, and is relatively quiet. (paint splash is a plus ;D )
Currently I’ve been looking at RecRev’s Sine//Saw and YYF’s Shutter.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Shutter probably is my vote. I liked it a lot. The rally Was good too, but the shutter was like amazing to me.

I’ve thrown both of your options (Sine//saw and Shutter) And I have to say both are amazing! Shutter has a bit more weight to it, so you’re gonna get longer spins out of it, and the Sine//saw is more nimble, plus with the stax axel system you don’t have to worry about stripping it if you unscrew your yo-yos a lot. You’ll have a great yoyo either way that can handle any trick out there. By the way Gentry even won Nationals this year with the Shutter :slight_smile:

Yeah I say the shutter too. It is great and really really quiet stock.

The Shutter is agreat throw and is a cheap option.

The Sine//Saw should be more solid and a little better performer at a higher price.

Both the Shutter and the sine//saw are great choices. Keep in mind the sine//saw is mid-sized, not full sized, but plays full sized. The “@” is full sized.

Might I suggest a Werrd Eighty-Six 400? We’re talking a few dollars more. You won’t regret it.

Another might be the RecRev OG Octave

Is the Rally actually any good?
I’ve heard some good things about it but I, for whatever reason, naturally discriminate against plastic yoyos.

I’ve also really only had experience with the DV888 so I suppose I’d say I’m used to “undersized”, or whatever the DV8 counts as. But again, I’m not opposed to a larger yoyo.
I’ll take a look at the Werrd you suggested. Thanks!

Definitely this!

The 86400 is becoming mine and everyone else’s on the team’s favorite yoyo!
I’ve found that people tend to underestimate it, but once they play it they instantly want one. hahaha You’re getting a 7075 aluminum yoyo that is a beast of a player for $70.  (same  type of aluminum that most companies charge 120-200 dollars for)

When I went to Nationals, I discovered Hans Baker was on Werrd now. I used this as an opportunity to see about trying the TIME series of yoyos. To be honest, I was turned off by their looks on the YYE site’s store product pictures, however, I didn’t want to rule them out based on shape as I could be missing out something. Turns out Elephark was around, so I ran into him later at Nats and was able to try the Eighty-Six 400. I sure am glad I did. Yeah, $70 for a 7075. OMG this was good. I am SO glad I tried that item out.

I’m debating altering my YYE cart to get one of these, or maybe wait until Black Friday/CyberMonday sales at YYE to snatch one up. I might drop the YYR Aeronaut off my order and get the Werrd instead.

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