Looking for advice.


So I’m looking to get a new throw in the next month or so and could use some suggestions. I currently have a YYJ Dark Magic 2 Ghost and Yomega Maverick that I throw daily, and a few throws that need some maintenance (Metal Drifter and Raider).

My want list: more advanced than DM2, all metal, smooth play, good with grinds, <$100.

A wider gap would be awesome as well.


DM2 has one of the widest gaps going. You probably mean you want something with more of a “V” shape to it… a more forgiving catch zone. :wink:

For less than $100 there should be lots of great choices. Any of the blasted Yoyofficer throws (Musket springs to mind). 86400, Minute, or Hour by Werrd. There are almost too many great YYF yoyos to choose from. Shutter comes in a blasted version.

Really, with $100 as your ceiling you are still spoiled for choice.


Giant gap low wall with beadblasting for increased grinds. Seems like the right choice to me

The normal shutter also offers a blasted version

The solid color 86400 have an awesome finish and are more oversized. I have a lot of fun with mine

Any of these should be a good choice

I also believe they have blasted kilters but haven’t posted pics yet since they have more colors

Could pick this guy up and still be under $100 after 1 of the others


I own almost every YYF metal along with many other metals for under $100. My personal favorites are the YYF genesis, superstar, and 888x. Genesis and superstar are fairly similar in the sense that they both are very stable, heavy, and spin for ages. the 888x doesn’t spin for quite as long, isn’t as stable, but is best for grinds, and is super smooth on the string. keep in mind the superstar doesn’t have a good grinding surface. If you want speed and smoothness I would say 888x, but if stability and heft is what you want, the genesis would be perfect. Also you should realize all of the throws mentioned

all of these would even still outperform a dark magic 2, so really just go for what you think you would like based on reviews


You could get a Chief. One of the best yoyos ever, and can be found for under $100 on BST.


Wait for the ace yo B.T.S? #wide gap


definitely wouldn’t touch the 888x since it’s undersized and highwalled so it doesn’t perform that well compared to todays yoyos.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

Shutter or Horizon would be good. I don’t think the Horizon comes blasted bit it can grind fairly well if I remember correctly. (I’ve only thrown a Horizon once).


Horizon is blasted. At least the splash ones are. Don’t have the other ones. It definitely wouldn’t fingerspin as long as it does if it wasn’t blasted.

(velez_adrian) #10

I hate the horizon, it’s hits your hand weird an it’s not solid. Get the torque, yelets, Rex, too hot, or a shutter. Those all are really good yoyos if your looking for a solid throw. Except the shutter.


What are everyone’s thoughts on the CZM8? I’ve kinda gravitated a bit toward that throw, never tried one but it looks great and looks like a solid throw in the videos I’ve seen.

(velez_adrian) #12

its an ok yoyo. It just plays alittle weird but it’s good for everything else. It’s not very solid though. It’s alittle on the lighter side

(Erik Kerber ) #13

Oh ok.