What throw should I get


I dont have the money or experience to buy a lot of throws. I need your help I have a Yoyofficer jaeger onedrop O and a yoyofactory onestare. I want a throw that is metal $100 or under can do good with slack and string tricks. Also in the 54 to 58 mm range. what do I need to look for thank you

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Most metal yoyos are designed for string/slack tricks. You have two that are pretty well suited for high level string play. I could recommend a couple things, but do you have a preferred shape and mass?


Throws I’d consider:




Almost everything nowadays has a large gap and profile which is good for string and slack. You’ll probably want something that maximizes catch zone so you have a bigger target to aim for, but beyond that, everything else is preference. Also, make sure you have a string that you’re comfortable with.

Finally, wrong section :frowning:


No I just one that fills light and fast


The Duncan Torque is definitely a good throw. It plays nice and light in my opinion and it can go fast if you want it to.


I second this recommendation. I love mine.


Yea I like the torque is the yomega prodigy as good as what people say


I haven’t tried one myself, but seeing how much attention they’ve gotten, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one myself.

It’s Dan Dietz sig too, and he’s known to play pretty fast. Just look at the Dietz by One Drop. It’s very light feeling, undersized, and insanely fast. Some people even say that with Ultra Light Side Effects it starts to go too fast and beyond their control.


There may be better $45 yoyo’s out there, but you will never, ever, be sorry you got a Duncan Torque. I just love mine!


Is the torque better then my onedrop benchmark O? What side effect would be the best to make my throw faster. Would the ultra light do that for me?


How long have you been yoyoing? If you aren’t sure which SEs would make your throw faster, you probably don’t need them. Speed is not a prerequisite for being good. Of course this is just my opinion. All that aside, organic shapes are loved for their generally floaty relaxed play, so you might want to look elsewhere if you want team C3 speed.


2 months I have done all the tricks on the trick card and more I am smooth with them but I just want it to be more floaty Iike my jaeger it weighs more but it fills lighter can I get that out of my O


I love my prodigy, get it if you can, seems like everything you want, feels like a creampuff when you throw it.