What to choose????

My bday is coming up and I wanted to get 1-3 pricy throws my price limit is 125$. I like light-medium weight in a yoyo I also like fast and/or floaty yoyos that sleep pretty long I really have no idea what to get so any suggestions r welcome. Btw I already have these throws
Yoyorec Sleipnir
Clyw chief
Yyf shutter
Recrev sine//saw
Yyf gfunk
1drop rally
Yyf dv888
Yyj dm2

I would recommend the MonkeyfingeR Ape x or the G squared quake

If you like that Sleipnir the One Drop Format :C would be a pretty good choice for you.

The new generalyo amplitude sounds perfect for you if you can wait a little bit. They already shipped them I believe

I was looking at the 1drop format I think that’s one ill ask for

And my birthday is in 2 months so ya I can wait a little

Format:c by one drop
dark magic 2
yoyoofficer lava

I got the dm2 I forgot to put that down

So far I’m asking for 1drop format C and yyofficer lava

I really only want 1-2 more preferably in the 30-60$ range

Duncan Torque. It’s honestly comparable to some YYR’s that I’ve thrown.

I’d probly pick between these 4:


All 4 are top notch throws. I personally prefer the 86400 because of it’s unique size and love hwo it feels but the torque has a nice stepped profile and it’s pretty light so it sounds like it’d fit your preferences pretty well. Everyone loves the hatchet and it fits the lightweight feel as well and you can never go wrong with onedrop.

Depending on your skill level, cant go wrong with the Shutter, maybe get a werrd Minute or Hour also if you like Undersized or Oversized. I would go with an Alien Galaxy Shutter myself! Also Check BST, if condition doesnt matter to you as much, actually Sparhawk has some pretty cool throws. I think 2 code 1’s for like $65 or something? Cant go wrong with that! =)

I think My skill lvl is average I’ve finished beginner intermediate advance part 1 and most of advanced part 2 and I’ve mastered white Buddha which is master part 2 so I don’t really have to worry about skill lvl on yoyos

I really like the look of the werrd 86 and the Duncan torque and the 1drop benchmark series V I like the hatchet too but I’d prob have to choose 2 out of these

I’d definitely grab an 86400. The others are similar in size so I’d just pick whichever looks most promising.

Ya 86400 looks amazing so I just have to decide between torque or 1drop benchmark series V

The shutter is really nice but when u try and do long combos it kinda spins out. I love the benchmark v. Also the werrd minute is AMAZING!

Ya I have the shutter and that’s the only think I don’t like about it lol

Well you already own a onedrop so you may as well diversify and add a duncan to your collection. That said I think the novelty of the side effect system is pretty awesome. It also means that even if you beat it up and strip the axle you just have to pay another $10 to fix it.