Good throws under $150


I am looking for nice throws under $150. One that is better than the yyf shutter.

(velez_adrian) #2

Chief, summit, Rockefeller, Rex, nothin from yoyo factory, yeah, any clyw, square wheels or one drop are good.


There is an ocean of amazing yoyos for under $150.

Two that most recently spring to mind are the General-Yo Amplitude and the One Drop Valor.

Or anything from One Drop, really.

Still one Space Blizzard Bonfire left here at YYE. :wink:

Uh… yeah. SO many. Impossible to recommend based on that price point, but the above sprung to mind.


Throws I would consider: 1 space blizzard 1 electric bacon


Ok thanks for all the recommended ones but i do after $150 is a wide range from almost anything so what if the range was down to $90 what would be good ones… Also what are your favorite throws?


Mo-Vitation if you can find one.

Otherwise the yoyofactory lineup like the superstar and supernova are pretty awesome

I’m a fan of the werrd 86400 and octave 1st gen too which are a great deal for $65.

Bebop would be a great one too but you can’t buy those at yoyoexpert.


They have some really quality throws. I haven’t been able to put down my Superstar since I got it.

The G2 Quake is amazing and I’m sure the Aftershock is as well!


What? Yyf has awesome yoyos.


The 2014 Genesis is wonderful. I also really liked the Avant Garde I had.


My pick would be the OneDrop x CLYW Summit.

Not sure I’ve met a person who didn’t like it, even if it didn’t fit their style.


G-Squared Aftershock, definitely an Aftershock.


$150 will buy you most of the best throws out there. Bring it down to $90 and you eliminate a bunch of the options, but there are still plenty of great throws for that price.

(velez_adrian) #13

most of them aren’t my favorite. The play of the yoyos are good, just not the shape.


CLYW Bonfire


They basically hit every shape with an undersize and oversize version of each shape that’s available. They ever offer different weights, colors, and some even come in a slimmer version of the same shape so I don’t see how there could possibly be no yoyofactory yoyos that fit you. That being said it just sounds like you’re anti-yoyofactory for whatever other reason. Blaming the shape however is not a good reason to me.